Celebrate the Puppy Bowl with Naughty Secretary Club

Celebrate the Puppy Bowl in style with Naughty Secretary Club! Don’t know what the Puppy Bowl is, well tune in tonight to Animal Planet for the best game in town. Plus while the normal super bowl has boring ole’ Bruce Springsteen the Puppy Bowl has a kitten half time show that you won’t want to miss!

Might I suggest a little online shopping with Naughty Secretary Club during the commercial breaks this evening. Unlike the real super bowl where the commercials are the best part, the ones on Animal Planet are not all that exciting and you could be spending your time shopping for Cassie Come Home Earrings, Powder Puff Hair Clips or Pouncer the Puss Rings!

Here is a clip of what you are in store for this evening….

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  1. ali

    What a cute post! I saw in your twitter that you were making broc cheese soup…do you have a good recipe you would not mind sharing?


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