Bye Bye Has Anyone Ever Told You

I’m sure somewhere along the line I mentioned to you guys that once upon a time I ran a record label with my husband Chris called Has Anyone Ever Told You. It started because Chris has always been in bands and we thought why should they try to get someone else to put their record out when we could do it ourselves. One of the things that brought Chris and I together in the first place was our love of Indie music and mutual adoration for labels like Merge, Simple Machines, Teen Beat, Kill Rock Stars and more. We thought, why can’t we start a label too? How hard could it be? That was almost 10 years and a lot of nativity ago. A lot has changed since then. Chris has stuck with the label and for me Naughty Secretary Club took up too much of my time so after awhile I was no longer involved with the label other than hearing Chris talk about it. We put out some awesome releases through the years that I am really proud of. Some of the bands on Has Anyone Ever Told You are still going strong like The Gates and Beta Valentine who are playing tonight at Beerland as a matter of fact. A few of my favorite songs through the years include: The Search for Saturnalia “Boomer Sonata”, Chris Boehk “All Wagon No Star”, Drowners Sailing “Walking Pet Peeve”, We Talked About Murder “Victimology” and tons more.

Since we are closing down shop Chris has marked every single CD on the label down to $2. Seriously cheap for some seriously good music. I wanted to repost Chris’s final newsletter for Has Anyone Ever Told You? here on my blog. The record label was my first real business and though I have not been involved with it for years I feel kind of sad to see it go.

December 2007
Closing Up Shop

After over 8 years and 18 official releases (and several more unofficial), Has Anyone Ever Told You? is shutting its virtual doors for good beginning January 1st. Under normal circumstances, I’d have it in me to write something really sappy. Like how this breaks my heart or how we can longer realize our creative vision or some other such nonsense. But…I don’t feel bad about this at all. This label is something I no longer enjoy doing, so I’m going to stop doing it. Sometimes it’s good to put things behind you and move on.

In order to give you a final chance to pick up any releases you’ve ever wanted, we’re having a big sale on everything in the store. All CD’s are $2 each. Seriously. After New Year’s, you won’t be able to buy them anymore, so get on it.

Independent Music Video Festival – Austin
The IMVF is coming to Austin! Beta Valentine‘s Curse of the Midnight Idol made it into the festival and it’s been playing all over the world. Check out the show on December 17th at the Alamo Drafthouse Downtown (320 E. Sixth Street) in Austin. The show starts at 9:45pm and it’s only $2. Beta Valentine will be playing live and their will be videos from the following bands. See you there.

ARSENIQ 33 ” Malachop” Dir: Mathieu Grondin Label: Les Disques Indica (CANADA)
BETA VALENTINE “Curse of the Midnight Idol” Dir: J. Conway of Pushingnormal Label: Has Anyone Ever Told You (USA)
BLACK YEAR “Draw It Out” Dir: Tonny Benna Label: Journeyfilm (USA)
BRENT AMAKER & The RODEO “You’re No Good” Dir: Black Daisy Label: J-shirt Records ( USA)
CADENCE WEAPON “Black Hand” Dir: Fluorescent Hill Label: Upper Class Recordings (CANADA)
ELIZABETH “War Is Beautiful” Dir: Alexander Rupert Label: Pop Echo Records ( CANADA)
EPOXIES “Stop Looking at Me Dir:Tyson Carpenter Label: Dirtnap Records (USA)
THE GRATES “19-20-20” Dir: Stephen Lance Label: Dew Process Records (AUSTRALIA)
I LIKE TRAINS “Terra Nova” Dir: Broken Pixel Label: Fierce Panda Canada ( U.K.)
LILY FROST “Silver Sun” Dir: James Genn Label: Aporia Records ( CANADA)
OCTOPUS PROJECT “Music Is Happiness ” Dir: Nick Smith Label: Peek A Boo Records (USA)
PLASTER ” Would You ” Dir: Sebastien Theraulaz Label: Parallel (CANADA)
PRINCESS SUPERSTAR ” Perfect” Dir: Ned Ambler Label: K7 Records (USA)
RAFTSIDE “Flower For the Mood” Dir: Sandy Lorente Label: Indie (LUXEMBOURG)
SCISSORS FOR LEFTY ” Ghetto Ways” Dir: Danny Drysdale Label: Rough Trade (USA)
SKOPIC “Mahonis” Dir: Lise Angelica & Frank Wilson Label: Lunaticworks (USA)
SPARKS “Dick Around” Dir:Shaw Petronio/Tammy Glover Label: In The Red Records (USA)
STINKMITT “Keep Me Fat” Dir:Lisa Schwartzman Label:Teenage USA Recordings/Swollen Mitt (CANADA)
THESE ARMS ARE SNAKES “Horse Girl” Dir: Artificial Army Label: Jade Tree (USA)
UGRESS “Kosmonaut ” Dir: Svein Sund / Yesbox Productions (NORWAY)

Egon’s Last Stand
One final thing before we are shuttered for good. I’ve posted the final song that Egon wrote and recorded. It’s never been released and probably never will be. It’s called Ostovar and you can download it from the sounds page. If you’ve been keeping up, Victor, the primary singer/songwriter of Egon has a new band called The Gates and they’ve just released their first album (our last release) called the Black Heart Bride. Pick it up.

Thank You
I’d like to thank Jennifer Perkins, my wife, whose ideas for this label started it all. She is responsible for this label in the first place. Her energy, creativity and devotion to music is undying. As you know, her own business Naughty Secretary Club took off and she didn’t have the time to deal with the day to day affairs of the label, but her initial workings really got it off the ground and set it in motion.

I’d also like to personally thank Victor Talamantes for being such a good friend and for putting out his records through this label over the years. His contributions are too numerous to mention and I am grateful for his support and dedication.

Finally, a thanks to all of the press, distros, bands, fans and friends over the years that gave this little label a little love and made it worthwhile for me personally.

I leave you with Chris’s attempt at Super 8 and video directing…
Check out this video: We Talked About Murder “Promise Play” Super 8mm

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  1. Sarah

    that makes me sad but i can understand why it was time to move on. i’m totally taking advantage of the cd sale! 🙂


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