Bye Bye Beta Valentine

Beta Valentine will be playing their final show at Club Deville this Saturday. Beta Valentine being the band my hubby Chris plays drums for. Originally they were hoping for it to be a CD release/final show combination but the CD isn’t ready yet, so it’s just a final show. Show starts at 9pm. Band plays at 10pm. I’m not sure of the cover charge, but it’s probably only a few bucks. Come out only if it won’t interrupt your plans for dinner at that quaint little faux-gourmet place that’s overhyped and overpriced but still works like a charm. I’m going to try and waddle my preggers toosh down there, it’s the only way I will get to spend Valentines Day with my sweetie, plus we are making cupcakes for the big event. I hope that the rock is not labor inducing. Or maybe I hope that is, that would be awesome to tell Lil Whip I went into labor because of his dad’s drumming.

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  1. belle

    uh.. yeah I think that would make the best friggin’ birth story ever! yeah you obviously rock (as if there could have been doubt)By the way I did not leave my house for the last 4 weeks of my pregnancy..ok,so I was 2 weeks late, and I was on bed rest , still I somehow think you would work around this.


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