Burt Reynolds

After a few years of blogging you start to forget what little personal idiosyncrasies you have shared with the world and what you kept to yourself. Have I mentioned before that my husband and I are big Burt Reynolds fans? Surely I have. When you are a child of the 80’s and you grew up in Texas it is pretty much a requirement that you love the Smokey and the Bandit series. Chris and I just sometimes take this love to another level. For instance I have a life size cut out of Burt Reynolds in my office with me at all times. You think I’m kidding, check out the picture of me in my studio that my friend Cory just took for the Handmade Nation book. You can see Burt in the background.

Please excuse the mess, but while the new studio is being built I decided to completely let my current one go to hell in a hand basket. Oh who are we kidding it is always messy.

You might be thinking “Sure you have the cardboard cut off secluded back in a spare bedroom/office, but as the Bee Gee’s would say: How deep is your love?” Well I will have you know that Chris and I have an extra large picture of Burt in the buff hanging above the fireplace in our living room. It is the first thing you see when you open our front door. Chris found the picture that had been shellacked to a giant piece of wood at the Goodwill down the street from our house, and he has never doubted why I spend so much time at thrift stores again. Thfirting is like gambling with all the intermittent reinforcement. Sometimes you don’t come home with a thing, but it is that one time you find a 3 foot long picture of Burt Reynolds on a bear skin rug that brings you back.

I wanted Chris to be able to wear his love of Burt out in public so last Christmas I commissioned one of my favorite Stitch designers Ramonster to make this cowboy shirt for him. Oh ya she embroidered Burt on the lapels. You can see where it says “Bandit” on the shoulder and on the back there is an embroidered Trans Am.

Speaking of Trans Am, this is what got me started on this whole Burt kick today. I just read my latest DIY Network newsletter and there looking back at me was Burt Reynolds. I had forgotten that DIY Network is doing a 3 part series with Burt called Celebrity Rides: Burt Builds a Bandit. Holy bad-ass-ical I can not wait. The series starts tonight! Just as I dream of a convertible suicide door Lincoln, Chris dreams of owning his own Trans Am. We are totally setting our DVR for this show, I have never been so proud of DIY Network. OH MY GOD what if the show is a total hit and they bring him on as a full time host and then I get to film Christmas specials with him and stuff. I would DIE. But what if Burt got mad or didn’t like his egg nogg and then slapped one of the hosts like he did that reporter. That would be kind of hillarious, but sad.

Did I mention you can win the Trans Am?!?! Chris is going to be heartbroken because I am sure there is some clause about if you work for DIY Network you can not win the car. I have never been so sad and proud to work for the DIY Network at the same time. If someone came to me today and said: You can either have the Trans Am or you can stay the host of Craft Lab. Dude I love me the crafts, but I would take the car.

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  1. chris

    omg jen, i want that burt print soooo bad. i remember stealing that cosmo issue from my aunt when i was like 9 yrs old… but my mom tossed it. jeenz! thanks for sharing!


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