Burt Reynolds on a bear skin rug

I had a long conflab with my good friend Traci last night who is in the Bay area for Maker Faire. If you are in the vicinity you should stop by the Duncan booth and say hello. Don’t forget that Duncan will be taking that same awesome make and take to Stitch Austin in November.

I also talked to my friend Kate who lives in LA about possibly coming out for Felt Club. Applications are due by this Sunday and I am oh so tempted to apply. The problem is I might be going to Rhode Island and to Massachusetts the week before for Brimfield. Uh ya the biggest flea market in the country. Do I want to take two trips back to back? Would I even get in? I have a couple of days to decide but I went to Felt Club last summer and it was tons of fun and I would love to come out again. I scored some rad jewelry by my friend Laura of Charcoal Designs so it’s tempting to go and just shop her wares. The flyer for the show with Jenny’s airbrushed hat is enough to make me buy a plane ticket.

In other news I have been blog tagged by my friend Claudine and have to reveal 7 juicy secrets about myself…

1) I drink a 6 pack of diet cokes every day, sometimes more. I get borderline hysterical when my stash runs low.

2) I have a naked picture of Burt Reynolds lying on a bear skin rug above the fire place in my living room.

3) I can’t go to sleep without hearing the soothing words “luminol”. This means when I doze off I am either watching Cold Case Files, Law and Order SVU or Forensic Files.

4) Since I work from home I have been known to go multiple days in my pajamas, the same pajamas. I mean why change them if I go from the bed to the studio and then back to bed. On a side note I have to wear pajama pants.

5) In the “Recently Added” option of my ITUNES listed is: Lush, The Talking Heads, Lita Ford, The The, Kenickie, Van Halen, Skee Lo, Cheryl Lynn, The Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Prince, The Marvalettes, Hall and Oates, El Debarge and Abba.

6) I have 3 tattoos the first of which I got 14 years ago and I have had my lip pierced for 12 years.

7) I loathe answering the phone. Most of my friends know better than to try and call me because I won’t answer. Send me a text or an email.

I tag Chris, Tina, Dave and Coco.

I feel like I am in 6th grade writing a chain letter.

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