burbank airport 2 hours till take off.

Seriously the Burbank airport plays good music. Every time I am here they play good stuff. So yeah I am at the airport getting ready to fly home and seriously I can’t wait. I had such a good time here in Los Angeles. The people I worked with our the nicest bunch of peeps ever. All the guests rawked. Last night we had our wrap party. It was good to see everybody one last time and my mom was there too so that was cool. She had done a guest segment on a show that ruled making tissue box covers.

See now they are playing Def Leppard “Photograph” on the airport stereo.

Anyway so ya last night was fun and sad. I was super pumped that I got a new camera as my parting gift. Did I tell you about half way through the show mine went missing. Well ya it did. All is well I got a new and improved model that I like even better.

So headed home to work work and more work. This next week I need to order some jewelry supplies, update Naughty Secretary Club, work on the Austin Craft Mafia book, work on my own book proposal, Stitch is blowing and going and I need to jump right back into that. No rest for the wicked.

One last parting note. You should check out my sister’s web site Hot Pink Pistol. She just added a ton of new cool items like dresses and T-shirts.

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