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You know a book has to be juicy when you get home from the Beauty Bar at 1:30 in the morning and want to read it in bed. Is it a mystery or a suspense? No actually it is The Black Book of Hollywood Beauty Secrets. I feel so dirty typing that out, but seriously the book is kind of good and written in short informative bursts so it’s not exactly a hard read.

I heard about the book when watching E News, another fact I am a touch ashamed of, but I am addicted to celebrity gossip. At least I watch the “real news” first. Anyway they were talking about the book written by Kym Douglas and Cindy Pearlman on the show and that is how I found out about it. There are lot’s of product recommendations that I found super helpful. When you turn 30 and make that executive decision to invest in expensive eye cream it can be a very daunting task trying to choose the best one. (For the record my Lancome Prmordiale Optimum Eye just came in the mail, I’ll keep you posted on how it works.) There are also lots of fun recipes for face masks made out of stuff like olive oil, oatmeal, honey and various fruits. I feel a facial night with the girls coming on. There also lot’s of miscellaneous tips like to shave your legs with KY Jelly and putting panty liners in the armpits of your clothing if you are an excessive sweater. It’s not exactly Dostoevsky, but it is a fun read.

In other book news if you wanna read about Tina Sparkles, Jenny Hart and I you might pick up a copy of Grindhopping by Laura Vanderkam. The book is about “building a rewarding career without paying your dues”. Really it is more about how to make a living doing what you really want to do and not having to wear a suit and go into an office everyday. We 3 ladies of the Austin Craft Mafia were interviewed by Laura last year about the book and are mentioned in the very first chapter “Always Be Your Own Boss: No Compromises, No Excuses”.

I admit I have not made it past the chapter we are in, but I will because the book seems applicable and interesting. Might be a relevant read for other crafters out there still teetering on the fence of keeping their day job versus crafting full time.

While we are on the subject of book reviews I suppose I could mention the books I got for Christmas. I love getting books. Not necessarily the kind you read, but the kind you glance at and look at the pretty pictures like Street: The Nylon Guide to Global Style. Kind of Nylon’s take on the whole Japanese Fruits magazines and books. I like Fruits better. The book is all full page pictures of street kids in their exotic outfits. The problem was I did not think any of the outfits were that awesome. As to where I might see something in Fruits I want to emulate, the feeling of “Holy crap that is an awesome outfit” did not sweep over me. Still worth a looksie.

My mom surprised me with a book not on my Amazon wish list I Like You: Hospitality Under the Influence by Amy Sedaris. I LOVE the way this book is laid out and all the pictures are awesome. If I ever get my jewelry book proposal written I would be the happiest girl in the world if my book would come out looking as kitschy and as atheistically entertaining as this book. The anecdotes are as amusing as the pictures and there are tons of recipes. My only concern is that since the book is kind of jokey I am afraid to invest the time into actually trying to make any of these recipes. What if they are jokes too and taste like poop? I have heard through the grapevine that Amy makes a mean cupcake so I do have some faith in the recipes. I am having the ladies over next weekend so maybe I will try something.

I finally got a copy of Handmade Modern: Mid-Century Inspired Projects for Your Home by Todd Oldham. Can I just say that I can not wait for his new show Design Star to start on Bravo. I miss Project Runway and Top Chef just did not do it for me so I am waiting with baited breath for Design Star. I love Jonathan Adler (check out his beyond awesome book My Prescription for Anti-Depressive Living) who from what I can tell is one of the judges. Anyway the Todd book is pretty intense and there is a lot of carpentry involved which intimidates me a bit. I keep trying to pressure my friend Erin into making the bookcase bench for her house.

I am really digging my copy of ReadyMade: How to Make [Almost] Everything: A Do-It-Yourself Primer by Shoshana Berger, Grace Hawthorne. I knew I would since I am a fan of the magazine. Even my mom looked through he book exclaiming “Isn’t that clever”. I would like to try out the water feature made out of hubcaps this summer for starters. There is also a cool chandelier made out of plastic eating utensils. Some projects take the whole recycling thing a bit far, but most projects are really neato and the layout of the book is really nice.

The last book I have recently acquired is Get Crafty: Hip Home Ec by Jean Railla. This is another book that I can’t believe it has taken me this long to score. When I was still a secretary I would spend HOURS posting on the Get Crafty posting about crafts, making girl band lists and home decorating issues. I have to say this book although I’m sure it has good information has not gotten much more than a thumb through from me because well it does not have many pictures, and the ones it does have are not in color. What is a craft & home decorating book without lots and lots of pictures? Given a lot of the information in this book does not call for a picture like with the recipes and tips on such things as starting your own Stitch and Bitch. With or without pictures the book looks like it has a lot of fun info and I am looking forward to flipping through it more.

OK so these are the books that I have acquired as of late. Man this has turned into a rather long blog. It’s a rainy Saturday morning and Chris and I are on the couch watching a bad Roman Polanski movie called “The Fearless Vampire Killers” so what else did I have to do than write book reviews. If you have books to recommend or send me to review I am always open. Here is a link to my Amazon Wish List to give you an idea about what I am currently eyeballing.

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