Book Parties and Late Night Kitty Chases

I know I have been the worst blogger this summer, there is something major going on that has prevented my blogging that I am not quite ready to reveal. I promise it is a really good excuse. And of all the times for me to be slacking on blogging, the week of my book release party I should be ashamed. Jennifer Perkins slacking on shameless self promotion, this is so out of character. Promotion is everything I stand for. Oh it will all be clear to you soon enough why blogging has taken a back seat. In the meantime, yup I said book release party and you are invited!

That’s right kids Craft Magazine, Average Jane Crafter and Naughty Secretary Club are joining forces for a super crafty get together at Craft-o-Rama this weekend to officially celebrate the release of The Naughty Secretary Club: The Working Girls Guide to Handmade Jewelry and Volume 8 of Craft Magazine.

Stop by Saturday Aug 30th between 3pm-6pm for snackies, big stacks of books and magazines to buy, door prizes galore and we will be making button covered rings (AKA from the Office Hanky Panky Bracelet set in the book). Tons of fun for the whole family. RSVP on EVITE or Face Book or just show up!

In other news this week I have spotted a few new book reviews that made me squeal with delight….

It has been a life long goal of mine to be on Apartment Therapy since I am such a fan of the blog. The lovely Adrienne Breaux of All Things Austin Design was kind enough to mention the book as well as the book release party on the website. I have my fingers crossed that you will soon be getting a tour of my casa on Apartment Therapy as well. I’ll keep you posted.

The podcast hostess with the mostess Diane Gilleland of Crafty Pod posted a fun review of The Naughty Secretary Club with lots of pictures from the book. I love it when people sneak in lots of pictures.

Also super thanks to Amy Cluck for the nice long Amazon review. If you heart the book, please leave an Amazon review. People put a lot of stock into those. Thanks to my buddy Jenny Hart for mentioning the book, she helped me with the embroidery project inside!

In case you are bored to tears with hearing me talk about my book. I swear it is almost over. Here are 5 totally un-book-related tid bits….
1) I can’t stop listening to Elton John for some reason. Old Elton of course not that Lion King crap. Or was that Phil Collins that did Lion King?

2) I saw a snake in my back yard with a toad in its mouth that put the fear of Jesus in me.

3) I had my carpets steam cleaned and it was totally worth it, no more puppy pee smell!

4) At 3am last night as I got out of bed to let the puppy out my indoor cat dashed out who I had to chase all over the yard in my socks.

5) I made a delicious batch of Green Chilie Hash brown Casserole.

10 Responses to “Book Parties and Late Night Kitty Chases”

  1. Cbt's Closet

    i love the book..and shall write a review and tell all my crafty friends to buy it 🙂

    the part about the snake with the toad in it’s mouth made me shiver ;p

    can’t wait to hear what new stuff you’ve been up to!


  2. Lucy

    Just stopping by to say congrats on your book release!!! I LOVE your show, I dvr and watch whenever I can 🙂

  3. Condo Blues

    Yep, Elton John wrote the music for The Lion King. I saw the musical last night (the puppet/costumes got my creative juices boiling!) and Sir Elton’s name was all over the Playbill.

  4. Chris

    well, I know I keep telling you how much I loved your new book, but I have to let you know now that I’ve posted a short review of it on my blog now, and I always like to tell people when I link to them so they can come over and make sure I haven’t insulted, laughed at, belittled, taken advantage of, or been too obsequious to them, in case they want to tell me to delete the post.

    And I


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