Blown Glass Beads and Handmade Headbands

I only have 22 minutes to type this because I realized that today DIY Network is showing one of my favorite episodes of Craft Lab. I think this is a new one. Well new in the sense that we filmed it awhile back but it has never been on TV. Today we are making blown glass beads! Which means I get to play with fire, whoo-hoo. Chad Pitts is the guest and besides being one of the handful of boys we have on the show he is nice as all get out. I was kind of scared filming this episode and he held my hand through the whole thing. Also this week look for Printer Play with Pamela Smart from Creative TECHniques Magazine. Have you seen this mag? It is really cool the last issue I saw had a how to by Julie Jackson and a story on Traci Bautista. Thursday my mom is back on the show and Friday is fruit and veggie carving. This reminds me I need to watch my taped episodes with Kathy Cano Murillo of Crafty Chica to get some decoration tips for my Cinco de Mayo party.

Today on Stylelicious were Putting it On I teach you how to make some unique headbands with felt and cupcake toppers. Susann makes tank tops, Tina makes a choker and we visit with our good friend Amy Barber. Thursday on Stylelicious it is Animal Magnatism with Vickie, Karly and Jesse. Karly makes the most hilariously awesome purse of all time that looks like a hamster running in his cage.

If you heart hip Indie crafts as much as I do and want to see more of Craft Lab and Stylelicious write DIY or get on their posting boards and tell them so. They don’t listen to me when I tell em 🙂

9 minutes till 11 I better go grab a diet coke and get the TV situated for bead making. Man that means I type fast, and people think I must spend hours a day blogging. Pffffff.

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