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Dorothy was right, there is no place like home. I flew into Austin yesterday morning and it felt so good to be back. I’ve been gone way longer stretches than this last trip but for some reason it felt really long. Maybe it was the Phoenix Cincinnati one two punch of the whole thing that got to me. Anyway Lucy and Georgie still remembered me, my shoes from France had come while I was gone and Chris apparently needs supervision and can’t be left alone since he managed to give himself heat exhaustion while I was away while working on his shed. As in he had to call 911. I’m gone for a week and a half and look what happens! As a double coming home whammy last night my friend Erin had another one of her croquet parties so I got to see all my friends, hang out with my hubby Chris and see my sister Hope. This is a picture of Chris and I and if you look closely you can see I am wearing the ring I made at Art Unraveled! Karly who was there last night and has a degree in jewelry design was trying to convince me I should pursue the metal side of my jewelry making further. It might have been the booze talking, but I still appreciated the compliment.

Today I made an executive decision that I was not getting out of my pajamas and I am not getting off the couch. So far I have held strong to this, I am blogging couch side in my jammies watching About Schmidt and eating pickles. Ah relaxing is a beautiful thing.

Also I am slowly but surely posting all the contest from my old zine over here on the blog. You might notice there were two blog posts for today one being the interview below. I know an interview with The Faint is a little dated since they are no longer at the height of popularity, but they are still a good band and this is still a good interview. Sean O’Neil who did the interview now writes for The Onion in Austin.

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  2. robyn

    glad you’re back! i posted a link to your faint article over at … love them, they’re still rockstars to me! and my friend does their hair. which means i am super cool as well, due to the fact that she does my hair too!! rock.


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