Blog Contest Winners!!!

So today is the day you have all been waiting anxiously for THE WINNERS OF THE WEEK LONG BLOG CONTEST. Some of the winners were chosen at random, some where the only people that entered and others I thought had the best answer. Keep in mind people answered on both my Blogger and My Space Blogs.

Contests All Week Long on the Blog
This contest was for a crafters prize pack of fun goodies. To enter you had to tell me what you loved, hated or wanted to see more of on Craft Lab. Have you heard the rumors about crafting shows and DIY? If you heart crafty TV shows you better let them know because apparently they think only dudes who watch home improvement shows watch the network. ANYWHOODLE the winner is Danielle of Creations by Danielle. This is a piece of her collage art she said she was inspired by the episodes with Claudine Hellmuth, some of my faves too! Seems like a lot of people watched the show when it was on HGTV briefly but do not get DIY Network. You can write HGTV and tell them you want it back too.

Chicken Poop Bingo and Free Jewelry
Either people love free jewelry or free magazines because more people entered this contest than any other. Out of 30 people it was hard to choose who would win since there was no right or wrong answer to the question, it was just how did you hear about Naughty Secretary Club. I chose waffelle Belgium who entered through My Space and claims to be from Sri Lanka, but sometimes people on My Space joke about such things and for the sake of the raised shipping rates I hope she is just kidding 🙂

Wreck This Sock and Glove and More Freebies
For this contest you got a free book about Sock Monkeys and a free pair of Hand in Glove Earrings. 19 people entered this one and Stephanie of Tefi Designs is our winner. Not because she has a blog called Ugly Knick-Knacks that I find amusing and not because she blogged about her new Abe Lincoln Bracelet that she got from NSC but because she caught my Smiths reference. I name lot’s of my jewelry after song titles and she mentioned it. Plus she listed some good craft book titles like I asked and it didn’t hurt that my fellow Bead Bloggers gal pal Margot Potter was on her list!

Send Me a Picture and Win Some Free Jewelry
Are you people camera shy or what? Do my actual customers not read my blog? Only one adorable person named Anh entered the contest. We had a late entry by Emma, but we will talk about her on another blog and another day. I am trying to beef up my customer gallery so if you have a picture of yourself in your Naughty Secretary Club jewelry please send that bad boy over. Anywhoodle Anh may have been our only entry, but she looks cute as a button and is showing her love for NSC twice. She is sporting a Nouveau Necklace and wearing a Naughty Secretary Club pin on her hat! Double Whammy, of course she wins!

Fred Flare Next Big Thing Contest
Thanks for all the nice words from everyone about the contest. Ya know now they are choosing one of us to win $1000 and an editorial feature so if you wanted to vote for Naughty Secretary Club I wouldn’t think you sucked. Anywhoo the contest… 22 contestants and 2 prizes. The winner of the Teal Crafty Curios set is Claye who writes the blog On the Level. Her answer to the question about kits stuck with me as I whipped up some new Crafty Curios kits for Etsy. The second prize is a crafty collage curio pack with a doggie theme and the winner is Chanya of the blog Color Struck.

Chris Boehk – The Day I Realized I Might Not Make It.
7 people entered to win a prize pack of goodies from Has Anyone Ever Told You? Records. For this contest you were to think of a song about crafting. I have to say a little lass going by Jen in Leavensux, Kansas who entered through My Space made me giggle. She wrote a parody of “Don’t Stop Believing” by Journey. Anyone who watched The Sopranos finale already had that song stuck in their head so sing this crafty version to the same tune…
“Don’t Stop Craftin'”
Just a craftin’ girl/ living in her studio
She took the midnight train goin’ to the craft fair
Just a knittin’ boy/ crafty and self-employed
He took the midnight train goin’ to the craft fair

An artist in a messy room
A smell of paint and drying glue
For a project they’ll stay up all night
It goes on and on and on and on…

16 people entered the contest to win a copy of the book and two balls of yarn, but only one could win. I chose Brandi of Blue Girl Designs because in her comment she had the sentence “I love craft books, and mohawks.” and that made me giggle.

Thanks to everyone for entering and leaving your oh-so-informative answers!

2 Responses to “Blog Contest Winners!!!”

  1. Tefi Two Fists

    Yippeeeee! Can’t wait to get my earrings and sock monkey book. I will wear and read with pride! btw – That’s probably the best rock song ever, so congrats to Jen from Kansas. 🙂

  2. Claye

    YAY! Thank you, Jen! I’m already planning a killer necklace and earrings set to make with my teal Crafty Curios.


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