Birthdays and Like Any Other Day

No I am not going to Medieval Times for my birthday today, but this is a picture of what I did last year on this same day. I’m not into jousting, but last year on my birthday Chris was visiting me in Los Angeles and I had missed his birthday so along with some friends we headed out to cheer for the blue team and drink a little mead. Today for my birthday I have no major plans. I need to wash my hair and use lots of conditioner to get the giant back combed beehive out of my hair. I did an interview for Venus Zine this morning. At noon I am going to the recording studio to do voice over work for Craft Lab. Later in the afternoon my contractor is installing a new attic door. I might make some jewelry if I am feeling really sassy. No big dinner plans or nights of going out scheduled. I might demand something a little better to eat tonight since we had spam and generic macaroni and cheese for our big meal yesterday. Birthdays are one of those weird anticlimactic days. My leo friends do it up royal, but maybe since I am a Libra I am lower key about it? Who knows.

8 Responses to “Birthdays and Like Any Other Day”

  1. Crafty Chica

    Aw, dang, I wish you had told me on the telly today!!!! Happy Birthday!!!! I hope it is a good one, you deserve a gazillion wishes to come true!!! Hugs and glitter and love, Kathy 🙂

  2. Robin Beam

    Happy Belated Birthday!One of my best friends just had her first baby yesterday, a beautiful boy! With this also being your birthday, too, it makes it even more special!

    Birthday Hugs, Robin


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