Big Girl Furniture

Man did it feel good on Monday to send out my last package. I know I have been a slack blogger, but as you might imagine December is the busiest time of the year for me. I can’t even count how many packages Travis and I must have shipped this month. I hope everyone is super happy with their jewelry. Besides packages to ship I have been trying to keep Parts and Labour and the Blue Genie Holiday Bazaar well stocked. That is where this picture is from it is the Austin Craft Mafia booth. I have oodles of one of a kind jewelry out there that if it does not sell will be hitting the website in January.

Speaking of January and Parts and Labour looks like my shelf will be moving there again. This time I am moving to a smaller shelf right in front of the cash registers. With the website and traveling for the TV show so much I am not always so hot at keeping my space stocked so a smaller shelf is a better deal for me. Keep your eyeballs peeled for new and exciting goodies in there.

On the TV show front, looks like it is official Monday January 2 season two of Craft Lab is premiering on HGTV. I am so excited the first episode is called “All That Glitters” and the guest is my good friend the adorable and talented Kathy Cano Murillo of Crafty Chica. The other hilarious part about that episode is that we filmed it when my husband Chris was visiting me and he got to be a guest crafter. It’s a giggler!

Ok I need to get ready for some reason I am torturing myself and going to IKEA today. I need new couches and I am currently torn between a cheap one from IKEA, recovering the 50’s ones I have or getting a new very over priced sofa that looks like it is vintage. Oh the drama of shopping for big girl furniture. I remember when a hand me down couch from grandma was all I needed. Oh for those days.

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