Beta Valentine Tonight!

Are you asking yourself: “who are these 3 stud muffins”? They are Beta Valentine and they are playing tonight at The Parlor on North Loop around 9:30. If you live in Austin you should stop by. The guy in the white shirt with the big hair and sideburns is my hubby and he will be the guy behind the drum kit. Beta Valentine has a new CD out called Gold you should check out. Chris and I run a record label called Has Anyone Ever Told You? And we put the record out. Well really he did not me. You can also buy a lot of our releases through Naughty Secretary Club. My two favorite bands that Chris was ever in was Drowners Sailing and The Search for Saturnalia. You can listen to MP3s of both on the site. Chris has been working diligently on his new solo CD. As a matter of fact he was at the studio until almost 2am Monday night mixing it. I’ll keep you posted on when it comes out.

Oh and yesterday I bought a Margarator Margarita Machine because all the margarita machines in town have already been rented out.

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