Beta Valentine TONIGHT at Flamingo Cantina

Who are these handsome devils? Well I’ll tell ya, it’s Beta Valentine. I am particularly partial to the one with the green floral Ramonster Wear shirt myself. Ok Ok, so I am married to the drummer of the band, but that does not cloud my judgment about them musically at all. It also has absolutely nothing to do with why I am going to see them play tonight at Flamingo Cantina in Austin around midnight. You should come out too!

The Lucy Report: We went to the vet this morning to get her stitches taken out and the doctor said she is healing wonderfully and we can even start taking her on 5 minute walks! Hooray! She is starting to use her leg now and there have been no more suspicious patches of green hair.

In jewelry news I snuck in several NOUVEAU BRACELETS, take a peekie. Got a call from Sweet Charity yesterday. This is an awesome new store in the Silver Lake area of Los Angeles that is now carrying Naughty Secretary Club jewelry. Go by their Sunset Blvd location and do some shopping for a good cause – hence the name. Also, I bet Ginger and I sat and put prices on over 150 pieces of jewelry for The Renegade Craft Fair Brooklyn yesterday. I am going to have tons, and I mean tons of one of a kind things there you will never see on the web site so be sure and stop by The Austin Craft Mafia booth (157) on June 17th and 18th and say hello!

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