Bernie last year saved over 500 dogs and cats from death and are all in happy new homes

I got an email from my lovely friend Bernie Berlin today with some exciting news.

You might know Bernie as an amazing artist and the author of Artist Trading Card Workshop: Create, Collect, Swap. I know her as that too, but I also know that she is someone who runs a one woman version of the Humane Society on her own time and her own dollar. Check out A Place to Bark to read about all the wonderful things Bernie does for animals. Seriously, if you know someone who might like to pitch a show to Animal Planet tell them to call Bernie. Bernie has been helping Chris and I look for a Mastiff that needs to be rescued. So many animals out there need our help and Bernie last year saved over 500 dogs and cats from death and are all in happy new homes. Evertyime I talk to Bernie or read her blog I am amazed by what just one woman can do.

Do you feel all warm and sqishy inside right now and want to help Bernie help more animals? Sure you do, read on and I’ll tell you how….

So Bernie, along with some other animal rescue groups are in a contest of sorts. The winner gets $50k to start their own animal shelter with. I can’t think of a better person to win this money and do something wonderful for animals with it. Here is how this is all working, copied straight from my friend Claudine’s blog….

Six Degrees has partnered with the Case Foundation to invite you to take part in America’s Giving Challenge sponsored by Parade.

It’s your chance to get $50,000 for your favorite charity. Here’s our opportunity to help Bernie at A Place to Bark build the shelter that she needs!

How It Works:
The four charity badges with the most unique donations through America’s Giving Challenge will get $50,000 for their cause. America’s Giving Challenge runs until January 31st. So that does not mean the most money raised necessarily, it means the badge that gets the most different donations. So the more people that click this little badge and donate $10 to animals the better Bernie’s chances are of winning!

What we need to do:
Put this 6 Degrees Badge (below — just click the “share tab to get the code”) on your blog and help spread the word.

If you are able donate , please donate via the badge a $10 tax deductible donation. We need the most people possible to each donate $10 to A Place to Bark. In order to win the grant we need to have the most amount of donors, not necessarily the amount of money donated.

It gets better!
All donations made to A Place to Bark’s Six Degrees Badge, will be matched by the “Zoline Foundation” up to $25,000.00!!! All donations up to June 1st will be counted for the matching donation from the Zoline Foundation. It’s a win-win!

About A Place to Bark:
“A Place to Bark” is a private no kill rescue run solely by Bernie Berlin. All animals come from high kill shelters in the south and are on death row. Combining health care, rehabilitation, and working with animal welfare organizations A Place to Bark provides a true no kill vision. Registered 501c3 non-profit. Visit A Place to Bark’s web site.

Can you think of a better way to get a tax deduction than by supporting a crafty lady that runs an animal shelter. I mean really. I know I donated and I hope you will too! As of this post Bernie is in the top 5, but she needs to be within the top 4 to win and we only have until Jan 31st to make this happen. Please donate and if you have a blog of your own we would love you forever if you put the badge up and help spread the word!

If you wanna see A Place to Bark in action, watch this video….

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  1. claudine hellmuth


    you rock! thank you! thank for posting about this and helping to spread the word! Every $10 makes a difference!

    A Place to Bark is now the #3 badge but only by a few numbers, keep those $10 donations coming in! Bernie is updating her blog daily with more donation gifts from new artists!

    We can do it!!!


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