Bead Bloggers and Crafty Curios Jewelry Making
Looking for a jewelry class or two to take in 2008? Tammy has some ideas for you, including classes in metalwork, wire, metal clay, and beads.

Art Bead Scene
Check out our links to two free projects currently up on Beading Daily that feature Art Bead Scene editors’ beads! Melanie’s Pixie Parchment project and an interview with Cindy paired with a project featuring her spiral beads are currently available for free download.

Bead Arts
Cyndi’s bead embroidered page for November of the Bead Journal Project is finished, and as usual, it’s for the prior month!

Jewelry & Beading
Inspired by the completion of another bead-embroidered necklace, Cyndi decided to update her advice on bead embroidery techniques.

Katie’s Beading Blog
Learn how to make your own sparkly LOVE ornament, plus, links to other cool ornament ideas!

Naughty Secretary Club
Notice the picture of Jen in the latest issues of Altered Couture and Adorn Magazines? This week on her blog you can win all the jewelry in the Duncan ad and also get the instructions to make everything yourself using Fabric and Liquid Fusion glue.

Robin shares a “crafty” Christmas idea-why shop when you can teach and share as a gift-it keeps on giving!

Snap out of it, Jean! There’s beading to be done!
Jean makes some angel earrings with a definite Chanel style to their wings. Also, a call for a PMC book to be authored by our own Tammy Powley!

The Impatient Blogger
Katie Hacker and Candie Cooper have declared every Thursday until Christmas ‘Ornament Thursday! ‘ Margot whips up a sentimental tribute to her grandparents in this weeks offering. Join in the fun!

Today’s edition of Bead Bloggers has been brought to you with our brand spanking new line of Crafty Curios. Sure we have been selling them on Etsy for awhile, but these are the Holiday giftie line. They come in two different sizes, in a glass jar and are crammed full of awesomeness. It’s like a “Make Your Own Revamped Vintage Jewelry Kit” because it comes with tons of vintage jewelry and craft supplies but also lots of findings for you to make to fun stuff!

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