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I have been a bad bad blogger and I know that. Then after not really posting much of anything this week I am just reposting my bead blogging links for you today. It has been a super busy week around here. We are at the official one week mark left for the book and I am in over drive. Just yesterday I sat and did things like used metal files one minute and then embroidered the next. I’m telling you I am pulling out all the stops for this book. I also got asked to do another project for Adorn this week, so I need to think deep thoughts about that. On top of that another charm bracelet was requested by a company to be in an ad this holiday season. That is two different ads I will be in during the holidays, weird. Then as if that was not enough QVC came a calling. What would I sell on QVC? I can’t say I am not intrigued and curious, I’m just not sure what I would sell since I don’t have huge bulk quantities of anything. I’ll keep you posted.

Today is another busy day. I have a contractor coming to look at my garage which we are having converted into a studio for me. Remember when I posted the pictures of my messy studio? Well you should see the garage. Cleaning that out is going to be harder than making it into a room. This evening I have an Austin Craft Mafia meeting. Later tonight my friend Cory is having what we are calling a bass guitar recital at Hole in the Wall. It is her first time to play out and my hubby is doing the drumming for her. Not to mention more jewelry book fun in my spare time today. Dang do I need a picture of a flower outline B-A-D. Ok anyway onto the bead bloggers group. My blog link that they reposted on their blogs was the one about my bead buying trip to the North East. I thought I would post a few pictures of some of the loot I have been organizing and sorting. There is not even room in my current studio for these shelves so they are in the game room! No your eyes do not deceive you those are Cabbage Patch Kinds, Strawberry Shortcake, The Mona Lisa and ET.

Art Bead Scene Show off those art beads with a free earring project.

Bead Arts Robin Atkins has started a year-long Bead Journal Project. Here is Cyndi’s contribution for the month of July!

Jewelry and Beading, Tammy suggests that you start planting your jewelry beads in July, so you can bead weave a cool beaded tree for the holidays.

Snap out of it, Jean! There’s beading to be done! Mother’s bracelets are true classics! Jean was comissioned (by her husband Jim’s pal, Rob) to create a very pretty one for his wife, due in October. See what they created together by phone, and find out if the mother-to-be liked it or not!

The Impatient Blogger Margot whines about her “stupid thumb” and shares “fabulicious” photos and trend spotting thoughts from this year’s Summer CHA Show. Yipee!

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