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I have recently joined a group of lovely ladies in a Bead Blogging group. Every week we are going to be posting links to each other’s blogs and each of those blog posts in theory should have something super duper exciting to say about the world of jewelry. This is our first time so there are just a handful of us this time around, look for more coming soon. Right now we are calling the group Bead Bloggers, if you can think of a more exciting name please leave a comment and I’ll suggest it. Not that I hate bead bloggers, but the posts are about jewelry and not always the beaded kind. So anywhoodle happy reading. Some of the participants are people like Margot Potter author of the Impatient Beader series, Kathy Cano Murillo of Crafty Chica and Katie Hacker from the PBS series Beads, Baubles and Jewels!

1)Katie Hacker fills us in about Beading Daily which is starting in Summer 2007, Interweave Press will unveil a new online community for bead lovers. Beading Daily offers a free e-newsletter, free beading projects, tips and techniques, a daily blog, galleries, artist interviews, event updates, and more.

2)The Jewelry and Beading Blog is celebrating a new e-course for fiber lovers or old hippies. Learn macrame with Tammy Powley’s great new macrame e-course!

3) Margot Potter tips us off about The Glitter Box Absolutely amazing collection of vintage jewelry including Miriam Haskell and Margot de Taxco pieces. A veritable wonderland of design inspiration. If you’re feeling blah, this is a fabulous place to go drool, dream and get inspired.

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