Be a crafter on CRAFT LAB!!!

Hey Kiddies,

The production company I work with out in LA, Screen Door Entertainment, is looking for people 18-35 who are interested in appearing on Craft Lab. Craft Lab is my new TV show that premieres Sept 25th on the DIY Network. What do you have to do when you come on? Just sit back, relax, be on TV and get taught a new and exciting craft!

Craft Lab is going to have “crafters” on set this season so we need people to come and learn crafts with me on TV! There will be myself and a guest but we need two or three crafters who are going to craft on set while the guest and I film the episode. You will be on set with us and we will be checking in on your crafty progress throughout the show.

The crafts will vary and range from anything like how to make your own DJ Station, paper crafts, Lucha Libre and aerial kite photography. If you have experience in crafts or just would like to spend a day on set learning something new, we are interested in having you on the show. It will be a super fun afternoon where you get to dabble in a new and exciting craft!

Our taping schedule will run between September 19th and October 17th. If you will be in the Los Angeles Area during that time and would like to be part of this fun experience, the producers would love to hear from you.

You can send an email and a photo of yourself to and leave your name and contact number and the best time of day to reach you if you would like more details!

Come on it’s gonna be fun!

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