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Saturday means link day. Check in with some jewelry bloggers across the land and then at the bottom I threw in 5 extra fun links for good measure. This week’s edition of baubles and blogs is peppered with pictures of the new Naughty Secretary Club Revamped Vintage Necklaces. Also if you go check out the necklaces I tried something new and am curious as to what you think. Typically you get one small/medium picture of a necklace and then another picture of the necklace on. For this new round of Naughty Secretary Club necklaces you get a close up detail shot, picture of the necklace on as well as a jumbo picture of the necklace. Do you like this better? Does the layout look weird to you? Any advice is appreciated. Jewelry Making
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Art Bead Scene
Step into the world of faux-tiques and impossible objects. It isn’t Alice in Wonderland, it’s the world of Lynn Davis!

Earthenwood Studio Chronicles
Melanie offers a rare glimpse into an even rarer sight: her clean beading studio!

Jewelry & Beading
Need a new idea for bead embroidery? “Treasure Chest” will have you running for your stash!

Katie’s Beading Blog
Make these Butterfly Bliss earrings in an evening (okay, so they’re really moths…)

Make It Mine Magazine
New online content: shrink art videos and a downloadable pendant project

Naughty Secretary Club
The king of the chain gang, Justin Giunta’s Subversive Jewelry comes to a Target near you.

What a Hoot! Check out the artfully individual Owls of Massaustraliranger. HUH?!

Savvy Crafter
It’s a Pearl! Click over to Candie’s blog to see where pearls come from and a pair of earrings!

Snap out of it, Jean! There’s beading to be done!
My cool bracelet which I made with wonderful components by Green Girl Studios!

The Impatient Blogger
Madge is off to Japan for a designer exchange between the CHA and the HAJ! Check out this e-newsletter excerpt for the 411.

RANDOM LINKAGE – I have been scouring the internet to bring you the funnest links I could find out there!

Teens turn to thrift as jobs vanish and prices rise – I thought this was an interesting article on Yahoo as was the link in the article to the DIY section of Elle Girl.

Polyvore – Play outfit party USA online all the day long. I kept seeing this on various blogs and finally had to check things out. Now only if Naughty Secretary Club was one of their accessory options.

We Feel Fine – Pretty little dots with a single click become a voyeuristic journey into people’s deepest darkest emotions.

Desire to Inspire – I could look at interior design pictures all the day long really I could. Jeremy Samuelson occasional kitsch (hey I collect old Matel toys too), I am super jealous of the J.H. Lynch painting in the post about Beth Evans, Blood Thirsty Bears may even be the new black in home decorating.

Some Girls Wander – While collecting pictures for the There is Something in Your Hair post I came across Some Girls Wander which is written by Emily of Inside a Black Apple fame. It is “fashiony” blog as she calls it.

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