Bakelite Redemption

Have you ever walked into the thrift store and seen someone walking around with things in their cart that you want so badly you almost stalk them in the store in case they change their mind and put the items back on the shelf. That cart so full of good stuff you start cursing everything you did earlier that day that made you get to that thrift store just minutes too late to be the proud owner of that whatever. I had that happen at the thrift store yesterday.

Ya see I stopped by the thrift store because I need some supplies for what I am going to make on my episode of She’s Crafty. I was just going to run into the store and run right out, which I did, but I had no idea the heartache I would find inside. When I bee lined for the back of the store where they keep the plastic wares that I was in search of I passed a man with a cart. Not just any cart, a cart literally spilling over with vintage linens. Old floral 50’s table cloths, 60’s dish towels in hot pink and orange with groovy astrological information, place mats and more. I slowly circled around him, my heart racing and my face turning red as I pretended to look at the board games but was just really looking to see if he left his cart. That is when the moment of “If I had just come here on my way to the seamstresses rather than on my way home that could have been my cart full of awesome” feeling was sweeping over me. Worse yet I could tell he was a dealer and not a true collector. You know the type that combs your local thrift store not for the joy but for the job. Also I have an insider tip that this particular thrift store holds good things back for dealers that give them a little extra something in the financial department. It’s true I have heard it from valid sources. So I left the man and his cart with a sinking feeling. For a brief moment I was so struck with the linens I thought to myself he’s 80 I’m…well younger than that – I could take him, but I’m not a violent person. Early bird gets the worm and he won those linens fair and square even if I would have loved them more and given them a better home.

I wanted to share that redemption was mine. Since he was busy tallying his mark up on his pocket calculator at the back of the store I made it to the cash register with my plastic ware before he did. What was smiling back at me from the jewelry case but a lovely green carved Bakelite bangle bracelet for 99 pennies. I took a picture of my collection and put my new bauble front and center for you to see. HA-HA I got the last laugh. My bracelet is worth way more than his soiled dish rags and crusty table cloths. Ok maybe I am still a little bitter, but I do enjoy my new bracelet.

Oh and P.S. I forgot to add Claudine to my thank you list yesterday for blogging about Stitch. Also out in the blogosphere Erin at A Dress A Day blogged about Hot Pink Pistol and Naughty Secretary Club yesterday. Yipee!

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