Baby Raccoons

Ya know I could talk about the scary terrorist plot that was foiled this morning, or the scathing remarks about Austin fashion that everyone is in a well founded tizzy over, but instead I am choosing to blog about the baby raccoons that live in my backyard. Here is a picture of them that my friend Lisa took when she was here visiting in July. I think clearly I should submit the photos to Cute Overload. Last night when I was sitting on my back porch talking to my cousin bestowing wedding planning advice I look over at the fence and within 15 feet of me and more like under 10 of Chris there were the pair of raccoons. They are not really babies anymore, more like preteens. They jumped over to a nearby tree in our yard and shuffled up the trunk with complete nonchalance. They didn’t even care that Chris and I were outside with them. They are super cute, just hope they get old and bitter and bite me and give me rabies and then I have to get shots in my stomach like Ozzy Osbourne. Oh I digress. We also have a little opossum that frequents our yard. He looks like he is a Kiss fan and wears a Gene Simmons mask. Speaking of music, you should come out and see Chris’s band Beta Valentine at Emo’s tonight on the inside stage. The Rentals are on the outside stage so it should be a good time.

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