Baby Clothes Couture

Tallulah and I love it when grandma comes to visit. Not only are all the meals free, but Tallulah ends up with a new wardrobe and I have tons of new craft ideas and projects started. Just this weekend we have 3 new items of awesomeness. Now only if it was not too hot to take Tallulah outside where other people could actually see these outfits in action.

This little ruffle bottom sunsuit has a front and a back picture, because both are adorable! My mom actually first made a dress out of this material that was too small for Tallulah and had to be passed down to my friend Vickie’s daughter Clover. We are planning a photoshoot this week to get a group shot of the girls in their coordinating outfits!

The purple fabric is vintage, so is the pattern for that matter. I am also in love with purple and orange as a color combo lately.

This is the second Hanky Dress my mom has made Tallulah. I don’t want to reveal too much because we have a how-to project for the dress coming up soon on the blog. Just wanted to give you a sneak peak of her new Texas version!

Another perk of my mom coming to visit is that she always arrives bearing gifts. This time it was a huge stack of 60’s and 70’s fabric. I fell in love with this navy material with neon green and pink and insisted she whip something up in it. I covered the buttons 🙂

Sad to see mom go back to Dallas, but can’t wait for her to come stay a week in August. Just imagine what we will get done!

7 Responses to “Baby Clothes Couture”

  1. erin@designcrisis

    PLEASE tell me Fredda can make cute boy's clothes, too! If so, I will bribe her with whatever means necessary to get her to make our little dude some spiffy new threads.

    The ruffle butt romper is amazing!!!

  2. Kara

    o.m.G! i love both outfits! can you share which patterns, and WHERE the tx hankie came from?? i haaaave to make one for my 6 m/o stella! :]
    mamas are so much fun! glad that you were able to have a good visit!

  3. Jennifer Perkins - Naughty Secretary Club

    Thanks for all the nice words ladies!

    Rachel looking forward to you joining us for crafty escapades in August.

    Erin have you had that baby yet?!? Keep us posted.

    Kara I added the link to the sunsuit pattern above. All the details about the hanky dress will be on the blog soon I promise.


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