Babies and Tomatos

This seemed like a really long weekend, probably because Chris and I drove to Corpus in the middle of it. Saturday was Chris’s Aunt and Uncle’s 50th Wedding anniversary. It was a fine party and I got to meet distant cousins and friends of the family that in all of Chris and I’s 8 years together I have only heard about and never seen in person. His family hails from Ohio you see.

The best part about the party was that I got to meet my new niece, Savanna for the first time. She is A-dorable! She is in that super cute smiley baby phase. She is not super happy at this point in the picture, but she had been passed around quite a bit that evening. Plus I thought the picture was funny because it showed the one time all weekend when Chris held the baby and when he did how scared he looked “she is squirming, is she supposed to do that?”

Got back from our journey Sunday evening and Chris had a bumper crop of veggies in the garden (look at all the tomatos on the window ledge!). I like to refer to him as little Chrissy-Apple-Seed. I think it is all about the soaker hose. Plus we have decided that here in Austin jalapenos and cherry tomatoes are the easiest to grow. We have tons. So many in fact that when walked over to Hope and Kurt’s house late last night we brought Erin and Jug a bag full. Then when we came home I made Chris and I a Tuscan Bean pasta with fresh tomatoes and basil from the garden and we snuggled in and ate dinner and watched the Ratt Behind the Music on VH1.

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