Babies and old people, you should not hang out with them with the animated bugar man from TV with the thick accent is paying you a visit.

Man I feel ill. Have you seen those Mucinex commercials with the animated snot guy with the Brooklyn accent and his wife and they move into people’s lungs? I think they moved their extended family into mine. It’s like the bottom of my throat/top of my lungs have something going on. I also smacked my head on a pop out lock on a door in our house the other day. Lucy wanted out and kitty was making a mad dash for the great outdoors so I bent over to grab her in a hurry and smacked my head on the lock. There is a scrape and a bump. Poor pitiful me.

Since it is just 9:30 in the morning there is not much to talk about for today expect my health. Yesterday I worked on the website all day. I started with adding even more NOUVEAU NECKLACES. Then I thought what the heck I have all these cute vintage parts I’ll add a batch of NOSTALGIC NOTION NECKLACES. I could stop there, but why I have a stock pile of REVAMPED VINTAGE NECKLACES that have not made it to the site yet and I want to get those up on Naughty Secretary Club before Christmas. To top it off after dinner last night when Chris went to band practice and between me laying on the couch watching some Discovery Channel show on Sex Changes and feeling awful I added new POP PURSES to the site. So there is all kinds of new stuff to shop and look at.

Besides working on the web site I also drove Cory way the hell up north to get her car. She had been in a wreck and had to get some work done and her car was ready. On my way to get Cory I stopped at the mail box and my new Donna Soo OtterOtto Earrings were here! I was so excited I could spit. We were supposed to go see our friend’s Jeff and Cairn’s new baby Sophia last night, but Chris convinced me that I would give the baby the cooties. Babies and old people, you should not hang out with them with the animated bugar man from TV with the thick accent is paying you a visit.

So I think I might start writing reviews in my blog. My goal is to start going to a bunch of new places here in Austin and spreading the word about them. The review for today is of Cilantro’s.

Cilantros is a Mexican food restaurant nestled into a nasty little strip mall on 1025 W Stassney Lane. There is a Fast Freddy hair cut place on one side and a gas station on the other. I used to live in the neighborhood and there once was a doughnut place in Cilantros location. Well last night when I was looking on City Search for somewhere with good soup for my lungs this place pops up with “best warm salsa”. I do love me some warm salsa. The place had little to no ambiance, but who really cares. The salsa was in fact warm and quite yummy. We ordered white cheese queso and it also good. Much gooier and stringier than your normal orange cheese queso, we had to help each other break the long strings. Sadly I do not remember the names of what Chris and I had. Mine was recommended by some framed review on the wall (write up’s from Texas Monthly, The Chronicle and Statesmen). Mine was a slightly fried taco with a filling that was mashed up chicken, sour cream and verde sauce. Chris had some chicken in brown/red saucy soup that you shoveled into tortillas like a fajita. Dinner with queso and water to drink was a bit over $20. Quite yummy and I would definitely go back.

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