Austin Joins the Handmade Nation P.S. Win Free Stuff!

I finally feel like I have some closure now that i have seen Handmade Nation. After reading all the hype about all the other premieres around the country we Austinites were waiting with baited breath for the screening at The Alamo and it did not disappoint. Faythe Levine the director was here for the screenings and did informative Q & A sessions along with a few of us Austin crafty ladies after the film. The whole weekend was full of crafty goodness from a book signing of Handmade Nation to kick things off to an after party at Austin Handmade to wrap things up. I of course took a few pictures of the whole thing that I thought you might enjoy. Also for those that could not join us I have a very limited edition Handmade Nation Austin Tote Bag to give away stuffed full of awesome.

The Austin ladies of the Handmade Nation at Domy Books. Kathie Sever (Ramonster) Faythe Levine (director) Magda Sayeg (Knitta), Jennifer Perkins (duh, me!) and Whitney Lee (Made With Sweet Love). Super fun getting to see everyone and got to feel like a rock star signing copies of the book.

All my pictures in the Handmade Nation book were taken by the amazing Cory Ryan.

Western Wear Goddess Kathie Sever and craft orator Faythe Levine at Domy Books.

Hooray for the Wondercraft they brought their portable craft studio in an Airstream to The Alamo. I had to take a family picture since after honeymooning at an Airstream trailer park I have a soft spot for them.

My fellow Austin Craft Mafia member Susann Koehane of All Dressed Up and Shy was at The Alamo representing the YuDu.

Last but not least I had my first post-baby mojito with my lady friends Cory and Erin at the crafty after party hosted by Austin Handmade.

So now onto the part about the free stuff….

We have a pink Austin themed Handmade Nation tote bag to give away. Did I mention the bag is stuffed full of goodies like jewelry from Happy Owl Glassworks, Notepad from Sublime Stitching, charm from Adaptive Reuse and more! All you gotta do is leave a comment about Handmade Nation. Have you seen the film? Read the book? Heard about? Were you at an event where they were filming? Gimmie the scoop and in a week you will find out if you win the bag.

19 Responses to “Austin Joins the Handmade Nation P.S. Win Free Stuff!”

  1. Joy

    Hey Jennifer! I loved the movie. I agree it was awesome to FINALLY get to see it. I appreciate you autographing my book along with all of the other awesome ladies. xoxo Joy

  2. BonBon

    I hadn't known about Handmade Nation — and I don't see a screening in my area — but their blog says the DVD will be out in November!

  3. Mama Lavender

    This is the first I've heard of this book and movie. I'm excited our library has a copy of the book and I've already reserved it. I sure hope to get a chance to see the movie this winter!!!
    This tote bag sounds pretty darn neat and what a treat if I'm picked 🙂

  4. Melanie

    I added the book to my Christmas list after looking thru it in the bookstore. I'm a big Sublime Stitching fan and love the idea of this book and following the re-rise of crafting (for lack of a better term).

    I was hoping the movie would be screened in Nashville, but I haven't seen it listed around here. But that's okay, cause I can add the DVD to my Christmas wish list as

  5. CraftyHope

    Oh, I've heard murmurs about Handmade Nation throughout the blogosphere and even think I saw that it showed in New Orleans recently (probably the closest to me it'll come.) That's the breaks when living in a small, quaint Southern town…

  6. Funky Finds

    I remember meeting Faythe at Stitch where I first met you! She was just embarking on the documentary. Joe and I saw Handmade Nation in Philly last month & really enjoyed it. It was great to see how it turned out! Jessica

  7. Turtle

    wow how much fun!! i have read the book but was not even aware of the movie! (till you blogged it) I so hope to be able to attend a big event someday. I seem to be a "lone knitter/crafter" and want to change that! smile

  8. emarci

    I wanted to come so badly!!! I hope to get a copy of the book and see the film one of these days…couldn't you nice people come to Houston???!!!!

  9. YarnFetish

    I really want to see the movie! I guess I'll have to wait til November for the DVD release, but that's ok I will just have to grab a copy of the book to keep me occupied until then.

  10. Darlene Ryan

    I'm on the waiting list for the book, which I learned about here–thank you! There's not much chance of the movie making it here, but I'll be watching for the DVD.

  11. Angry Chix

    I saw Handmade Nation at a screening in Los Angeles. It was the perfect venue! They even had a mini craft fair after the screening and it was great listening to Faythe answer questions afterwards.


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