Austin Craft Mafia and Stitch Meetings

My silly internet was down yesterday so I didn’t blog. Not that I had anything riveting to say, but I was going to talk about our Austin Craft Mafia meeting. Tina, Jesse, Karly and I had a Stitch meeting beforehand so the whole night was meeting packed. Jenny talked about the Craft Congress which sounded interesting. We talked about making the Stitch and Craft Mafia web pages bigger and better with blogs, vendor spotlights and more. We decided to start an Austin Babes in Business website and perhaps blog. Jenny and I are going to start rotating putting and on our larger ads in magazines like Ready Made and Bust to help spread the word. Stitch decided on all it’s 2007 sponsorship rates. All kinds of exciting stuff was afoot!

Since the internet was down on my lap top yesterday and my “big” computer is in the shop in a weird way it was a good thing because it forced me to sit and make new jewelry all afternoon. I made new necklaces and earrings. I am experimenting with a new rainbow look. I know you are thinking that my jewelry is already pretty rainbow-riffic, well this new stuff is even more so.

Oh you knew Matt was going to win Top Design. I am not a huge fan of his work it is too plain and boring for me, though I can appreciate the classic style. I was not in love with Carissa’s room either, though I like her pop style better. My heart was with Goil who I thought was the only one who consistently did really interesting things. I refuse to start watching Shear Genius. Thank God new Big Love starts this month.

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