Austin City Limits 2009 Pictorial Round Up

Austin City Limits 2009 Pictorial Round Up

A few pieces of my bling in the setting sun.

Susann borrowed my old Doc Martins from high school to wear in the mud. She looked perfect for Pearl Jam.

Dresses by All Dressed Up and Shy and purses by Sweet Tooth.

We sat a very drunk girl down in our chair trying to be nice and she in turned peed and puked all over it. Poor Amy got put on cleaning duty.

The infamous muddy aftermath. So much for 2.5 million dollars worth of new grass that was in the park.

Adorable Amy and her highly addictive hair clips. I got 2 this weekend!

A glimpse at the Naughty Secretary Club goodies.

Dallas Craft Mafia member Tara to the T and her awesome feather head gear joined the Austin Craft Mafia booth at ACL this year.

Susann runs the register. Would you like to pay cash or credit?

Wall o’ Naughty Secretary Club.

After 5 years of vending at Austin City Limits 2009 will be my last. It was super fun getting to hang with my ladies not so much fun dealing with the mud and being away from the baby. Did you go to the show?

8 Responses to “Austin City Limits 2009 Pictorial Round Up”

  1. Tara to the T

    Thank you so much for having me as your booth guest this year! I can't wait to wear my leopard and pink slipper headband. My little Violet already pushed her stool up to my dresser trying to kidnap it while I wasn't looking ;0)

  2. Anonymous

    I am a huge fan of yours, and watch your show. I am an incurable Austin crafter. It breaks my heart to see the grass that my husband installed the irrigation on since January, 2009, get destroyed. Hope they fix it soon. PS Cute stuff!

  3. TheCluelessCrafter

    omg, that mud is so disgusting yet oddly appealing. i would play in it, but get so frustrated being dirty shortly after that. bravo to you for keeping happy in that.

    i'm originally from madison, wi, which i hear is a lot like austin??! i now live in nyc, but have been meaning to get my butt down there.

    plus, i have an ex boyfriend there! eeek! totally, that's not

  4. Carin

    Things I learned/realized by reading this post…
    1. Man, I need one of those feather headbands!!
    2. Look how pretty that grass came out!
    3. Susann is KICKIN' it in those Docs!
    4. Where are my ol' Docs?? I suddenly feel the need to have them now.
    5. Ew. Poo Mud.
    and lastly…
    6. I'll be ordering a mustache necklace from ya soon!


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