Art Unraveled Round Up

Today I woke up in Phoenix, AZ and now I am in bed at a hotel in Cincinnati, OH. Needless to say it has been a long day. Art Unraveled was so much fun! I loved both of my classes and learned tons. My jewelry skills do not include metal working so both classes were really informative. I used anvils, sheet metal, did cold connections, made my head pins and more. Susan Lenart Kazmer is a wonderful teacher and a super talented designer, I would totally recommend her classes. The best part was getting to spend the weekend with my mom Fredda and my good friend who lives in Los Angeles Lisa. The three of us pretty much had a weekend long slumber party and took both classes together. It was also great to get to see all my friends like Traci and Kathy who I don’t get to see often. The mosaic shows a few of the pictures from the weekend. The time went by too quickly and before I knew it was time to go. As to where Lisa and mom got to head home, I headed to Ohio to work.

I met with my editor at North Light today and got to see the F&W headquarters. All my jewelry was already laid out in a room ready for it’s close up. I didn’t stay at the office long as I needed to make a trip to Michaels for supplies. After craft shopping my editor Jessica and I went to a book store, the grocery store and out for a sushi dinner. Now I am plumb tuckered from a long day and I still need to paint my fingernails for tomorrow’s pictures.

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