Art Trends: Two Heads are Better Than One

Did you happen to see my Etsy Finds last week called Two Heads are Better Than One? When I was browsing through art prints for my collection I could not live without I came across several different themes. Chairs were a biggie, things in chicks hair is another I blogged about and the last was twins. Not fraternal, I’m talking conjoined. The kind of twin paintings that almost insinuate multiple personalities. I unearthed so many and found them so interesting I started collecting a list. Etsy came calling asking me to write an article and I knew just the thing. I had been compiling pictures and already had my handy little mosaics made. I’m sad to say some of these pieces are no longer listed, or I just can’t remember where I found them so I can’t name them. They were still amazing examples of conjoined twins in art so I wanted to show you anyway.

1) Don’t Touch Us by The Oleander Black
2) The Twins the Mini Print by Eek Designs
4) Siamese Twin Girl Art Box by Blackstitch Art Studio
5) Gocco Printed Siamese Twins Card by Magpiedc
6) The Birthday Twins by Pepperminte
8) The Twins by Unconventional Ida
9) Follow the Leader by Studio Spiral

2) The Gemini Twins by Primped Paperie
3) Two Headed Kitten Necklace by Anomaly Jewelry
4) The Twins Print by Tsai-fi
5) Paper Doll by Elephantine
6) You and Me Against the World by Dillon
7) He Loves You He Loves Me Not Necklace by Ramsden Designs
8) Sisters by Lauren Minco
9) Willfilled Heart Cameo by Callow Lilly Art

1) The Double Sided Vivienne Beehive Print Neato by: Matte Stephens
2) Sisters by Gala House
3) Sisters Metallic Print by DNA Galleries
4) Gemini by Elsita
6) Neopolitan Sisters by Natamon
7) Two Heads are Better Than One by Heidi Burton
8) 2 Scoops by Jenny Bird
9) The New Double Sided Vivienne Print by Matteart

So there you have it. Has anyone else noticed this theme or is it just me? It kind of all started with a wood print by Genevieve Dionne and spun out from there. I’m considering a T-shirt with a conjoined Brangelina I’m so enthralled! There are even Conjoined Plushies, Pottery and Paper. It’s sweepting the nation I tell ya!

Any other hot themes you keep seeing in art? Oh and if anyone knows the mystery pieces I could no longer identify, please leave it here in the comments.

7 Responses to “Art Trends: Two Heads are Better Than One”

  1. rachel

    thanks jennifer so much for featuring my paper doll! 🙂 It’s great to see your finds, especially since they are all so different.

    and thanks, sally, too 🙂

  2. Lauren

    thanks for showing my “sisters” print and visiting my blog! By the way I am a Texan at heart- my family is in Ft. Worth. 🙂


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