Are you the Naughty Secretary?

Here are my life updates in bullet points.

• Went to Vickie’s book release party at the mayor of Austin’s house last night that was pretty awesome I must say. Wanna see pictures. Oh wait and here are some pictures that Cory took. Hope, Kurt, Kevin, Katherine and I went out after to Jackalope, Casino, Emo’s and Side Bar.

• Hope and I finally decided fer sure on our Stitch song “Rock the Parti” by Gold Chains. Dizzie Rascal “Stand Up Tall” was a close second. There was talk of a Le Tigre song, I originally had my heart set on the French Kicks and Jesse took the best Lady Sovereign song. In the end with our hip hop stud and gold bling theme we have made the right choice.

• Spent the entire day working on press for STITCH. Everyone already has Nov 13th marked on their calendars right?

• Don’t forget to sponsor me or anyone else in the Austin Craft Mafia for Sunday’s Race for the Cure.

• Had a cute girl from UNT named Amanda George come up and shadow me for a day. She wants to be a jewelry designer for a living so she had to spend the day with me to see what my life was like.

• Tomorrow is the Will there ever be a unicorn? art show. My sister Hope pained Lionel Richie with a horn. Other pals I am going to check out include: Tina Sparkles, Jenny Hart, Matt Rodriguez, Mike Combs and more. Saturday Nov 4 at Bolm Studios (5303 Bolm). Get there around 9 for pictures with Diego the unicorn Chihuahua and a unicorn puppet show.

• While walking down Red River I was stopped and asked “Are you the Naughty Secretary?” That makes me giggle.

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