Are you in the market for some kitty bling?

There is a new cool and exciting web zine out called Indie Quarter. They were nice enough to mention Naughty Secretary Club in their recent article on Kitty bling. Read all about it here. Are you in the market for some kitty bling? Well may I suggest a few things…

Red Headed Step Kitty Earrings are seen here.

Indie Quarter featured the Kitty Kitty Meow Meow Necklace and Prrrr Earrings.

In the purse department there is the Miss Kitty Purse as well as a Miss Kitty Change Purse.

See all kinds of fun kitty stuff. Ok I am off to work on my book proposal. This morning already I have made travel plans to Atlanta for business next week, been to the gym and done an interview for a book called Gridhopping. I feel so industrious and it’s not even noon. Whoo-hoo!

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