Altered Couture

Whoo-hoo the new Altered Couture Magazine is out. Well almost out, I got sent an early copy. Look for the magazine in bookstores in early November. Altered Couture is an awesome magazine all about embellishing and altering your clothing. There is a three page spread on my sister Hope Perkins of Hot Pink Pistol all about her hand painted clothing. That Hope is so rad. In the gallery toward the back there are two pieces of Naughty Secretary Club jewelry the Eunice Necklace and the Texas Gold Cha Cha Bracelet. This is my first time to be in Altered Couture so I am super excited. I am going to blog more about this later, but also the first page of the magazine is a full page ad for Aleene’s Liquid and Fabric Fusion Glues featuring a picture of me! I made all the jewelry for in the photo and you can too by clicking here. More details on the ad later. In the meantime here are the jewelry pictures from Altered Couture.

Also in the same issue of Altered Couture keep an eye peeled for projects by Craft Lab guests like Alexis Sadler and Claudine Hellmuth.

I also wanted to give you an update on Evie the poodle. Turns out Evie is named Ginger and she already has parents. Yesterday evening Chris decided to look through Craig’s List just to make sure there were no listings for any missing poodles. About a week ago there was a post about two missing dogs and one was a wee little tan poodle named Ginger. We called the number and his poodle just so happened to have a cataract in it’s left eye too. Turns out Ginger also had a big dog as a sibling who orchestrated their escape, but had returned home. This explains why she was fine with Lucy. I talked to Erin and Ginger’s dad went to pick her up last night. I was sad because she was cute, but at the same time if Lucy was ever lost I would want someone to call me. In the end I am just glad that Ginger went back to her real mom and dad. That just means Chris and I can still save somebody from the shelter.

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  1. jungle dream pagoda

    I have totally been waiting for this mag. That is uber-cool you and your sis are featured. I must check that above pledge out too,I was planning on buying mostly handmade,but I can’t do a total handmade x-mas cause my husband truly NEEDS “White Commanche” the William Shatner movie where he plays twin native Americans!!!


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