All I wanna hear is Saddle Tramp.

Oh don’t make me choose between Clap Your Hands and Say Yeah and Architecture in Helsinki tonight. It’s just too much decision making for one girl. I hear that Clap Your Hands might be sold out already so that will definitely make my decision easier. First of all I have to go to an Austin Craft Mafia meeting at Jesse’s. Knowing my old lame ass I will get tired and not hit either. I am also trying to quit smoking for the 45th time so that means I need to avoid drinking and other smokers and Emo’s is pretty much a haven for both. Oh will power and spearmint gum don’t fail me now! Keep your fingers crossed for me. Rumor is the cover is $12 so my decision might also be based on who I can sucker into going with me.

Today felt like a day of beautification. I had a facial, actually a chemical peel. They layer strong chemicals on your face and then it takes the top layer of skin off. My face and the heavy duty Mac make up they made me wear on Craft Lab for 8 hours a day did not mix well at all. Since I use Retina A I can’t get my eyebrows waxed without my skin coming off with the wax. Oh trust me the rumors are real, I have had scabs on my eyebrows from this. So instead I made an appointment to get my eyebrows threaded. I have never had threading so this should be exciting. Then I made an appointment with the fabulous Lisa Brooks to have my hair colored. Doo-doo brown hair is back and I need my luxurious red locks. Lisa is doing all the hair and makeup for the 4 producers of STITCH. She is totally amazing.

I know you probably think I am obsessed with downloading music, maybe I am. Here is what I added to my ITUNES today. Give me a break I have a gift certificate. The Who, Faith No More, Jay Z (I wish you could download Danger Mouse’s Gray Album), Ludacris, Bobby Darrin, Louis Prima, Dr. Dre, Perry Como, Esquivel, Busta Rhymes, Chicago, Old Dirty Bastard, Primal Scream, L7 (I went on a big hunt for Dickless, but all I could find was the Teen Angles), Juice Newton, Slick Rick (Oh how I used to love “Bedtime Story”), Rod Stewart, Ray Charles, Tears for Fears, Wayne Newton, Curtis Mayfield, Thee Headcoates (I didn’t know they covered “Ca Plaine Pour Moi” I only had the original and the Sonic Youth version), Christopher Cross and The Hot Hot Heat. Not whole albums or anything, just select songs.

I am now scooting around the house watching Napoleon Dynamite, eating a bagel and cleaning up a bit. Chris has band practice tonight so he is not coming home after work. Hope is meeting me here at 6:30 so at some point I need to slap some make up on. Guess now is as good a time as any.

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