All About Ella – Dog Walks and Puppy Graduation

Ella was the center of our world this weekend. First up Chris, Ella and I participated in the 10th annual Mighty Texas Dog Walk with proceeds benefitting Texas Hearing and Service Dogs. We were trying to beat a world’s record of 10,000 dogs but apparently according to News 8 Austin there were 10,000 people and 5,000 dogs. I only saw a couple of other mastiffs, lots of weenie dogs and an adorable Pomeranian in a bejeweled wagon. The walk started on the Congress Street Bridge (I was so excited to get the picture of Chris and Ella with the capital in the back) and went down Caesar Chavez along the North side of Town Lake and back. There were lots of pit stops along the way to play in water fountains and cool down. At the end we got a little gold toned metal that I am going to make into a magnet. Needless to say when we got home the three of us were beat from walking in the heat. The afternoon was spent lounging and watching Charlie Wilson’s War while in the evening I did a little arranging of shelves and cleaning. I know this sounds ridiculous, but I wish my housekeeper would not pick things up on shelves to dust. When you have as many knick knack filled shelves as I do one Dream Pet facing the wrong way or Kokeshi Doll misplaced makes the whole room look out of sorts.

Today was a very special day because after 8 classes Ella graduated Pet Smart Puppy Class! Sadly only 2 of her classmates, Guinness and Stella, showed up. We played games and got to show off our special tricks before we got our diplomas. Ella did an amazing sit, down, sit, shake that really brought the house down. If you look closely, you can almost see a tear of pride in the teacher’s eye.

At the end of class everyone got a new chew toy and a ball as well as a diploma. I tried to take a picture of Ella in her regalia but she was not having it so I had to do a stealth photo where she didn’t know she was wearing the hat. You can see her classmate Stella the boxer gladly wore his little cap, tassel and all.

We came home and celebrated by filling up the baby pool and grilling some veggie fajitas. Lucy loves the pool more than Ella, but Ella loves nothing more than getting sprayed in the face with the water hose so she still got plenty wet and had a good time. I can still smell wet dog out here in my studio as everyone happily naps in the living room.

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