Adventures in Austin – Christmas Cupcake Class

Nothing says Christmas like cupcakes!  I was super excited to take a cupcake decorating class at Austin’s All in One Bake Shop this holiday season.  I had bought a package of Wilton decorating tips and never bothered to figure out how to use them.  This class gave me the cliff notes on not only how to use the tips but also how to make and color the icing to decorate with.
My friend Dian and I took the class together and sat with an odd little couple.  The woman kept compulsively wiping the icing that would ooze from the bags, cleaning off her cupcakes to start over and constantly telling her husband he was doing it wrong.  They were almost as much fun to watch as the cupcake cam.  Oh ya we watched the teacher decorate each cupcake on the cupcake cam and then we got to conquer our own dozen naked cupcakes.
Now not only can I make a cupcake stand, crayon cupcakes, cupcake toppers and recycled cupcake coozies I can also make a mean cupcake.  I’m already plotting what kind of cake to bake and decorate for Tallulah’s upcoming 2nd birthday – Thomas the Train or Yo Gabba Gabba.

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  1. Dian

    They were certainly the odd couple! Had a great time! Cant wait to take another class together.


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