Administrative Professionals Week 25% off Sale!

3 Responses to “Administrative Professionals Week 25% off Sale!”

  1. Claye

    Okay, so I have a question… how long is your “Purple Party” necklace? I totally dig it, but I’m just curious what length it is. I figured I’d comment because you may see this quickly. Thanks!

  2. Crafty Chica

    i am muy excited for my scissor necklace! i wrote about you in my blog today! i’ll post about your sale tonight (or i guess early tomorrow am seeing i blog in the middle of the night!)

  3. Moxieville

    Hey Jen…CONGRATS on your NSC book! Holy Cannoli! I approve of the cover design too! 🙂 (I’m a book-designer too ya know) …and kinda picky). Looks good! I’ll blog it, please send me a jpeg. Dang.

    You, my fav naughty secretary, Dolly and Burt lovin’, diet-coke drinkin’ gal, have been tagged.:)

    I know. With all that extra time you have! 🙂 But since you are one of my fav blogs


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