Adding Goodies to Etsy instead of Working

You know how when you are really busy and really pressed for time you somehow seem to find yourself doing things of little or no relevance to your predicament. If I had a test to study for in college that was always the time I decided to scrub my toilets and dust under my vintage thermos collection atop of my fridge. Last night I had one of those moments. Instead of getting ready for my trip tomorrow, writing the instructions for the jewelry project due in 3 days or working on the jewelry for my super secret stealth project I instead added items to my ETSY store. Not that updating my ETSY store is bad, I have been meaning to do it for quite awhile now. I’m just saying that if I prioritized my to do list, adding new goodies to my ETSY store would be pretty far down and a C item on the list. But whatever they are there now so you should at least go over and check them out.

Since everyone got into the mood this week about leaving comments, there is no prize here but I am interested in what you think about the Crafty Curios. You can tell me honestly. On the question about craft kits some of you touched on the topic, but I’d love your input on what you would like to see more of in the Naughty Secretary Club line of Crafty Curios. Would you rather see more kits that are going to look like a necklace or bracelet when they are done rather than random color coded grab bags? I price them as if you are going to use them to resell them, do you think they are too expensive? Would you prefer I sell the kits through Naughty Secretary Club as well as ETSY? All this information is super helpful.

I have to give you the rundown on what we have in store for you over at the DIY Network this week. Hang out with Cat and I in the Craft Lab weekdays at 11am central and see fun stuff like origami, cast resin bobble heads, layered cards, 3-D cakes and fun fabric books. Remember if you heart the show write DIY and let them know!

3 Responses to “Adding Goodies to Etsy instead of Working”

  1. Sonia

    I did check out all your new goodies in ETSY. Very fab. I realize you price and package them for someone who will make something and possibly resell it. The color combos you have are great. I think it would be neat to sell kits on Naughty Secretary Club that were more gift oriented, something were you can shop all your fab stuff on Naughty Secretary Club and also be able to purchase a kit were

  2. Nickelback

    I’ll need a credit card that’s got no limit
    And a big black jet with a bedroom in it
    Gonna join the mile high club
    At thirty-seven thousand feet

  3. claudine hellmuth

    I do the same thing when i have a big deadline, I end up working on something that doesn’t need to get done. i think it clears my brain. at least that’s what i tell myself 🙂


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