Abe the Alligator

So yesterday I went out to Smithville for even more bonding with my extended family. Good thing I like those people and more importantly there are good antique shops out there. I found all kinds of fun stuff: ceramic aqua bowls shaped like boomerangs, little necklaces with sailboats and more. However, nothing topped the taxidermied alligator head I found. Now I love animals as much as the next guy, but this thing is 50 years old so it’s not like I am really helping to support the slaughter of alligators everywhere. I just thought it was hilarious and looks so awesome on the coffee table in my “Florida Room”. Come on it’s sad, but you know in your heart you giggled just a little bit.

On the way back from Smithville we passed tons of firecracker shacks up on the side of the road. Gearing up for Saturday night I suppose. I think I have officially decided to stay home. New Years is so anticlimactic and there are no good parties this year anyway.

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