A Week of Adventure in Pictures

Look at me go keeping up with my New Year’s resolutions. So far I have dropped a few pounds with the help of my old friend WW and here I am meeting another goal, blogging. Excuse me why I pat myself on the back.

I hope you have a had a great week, mine has been action packed. I must confess this post is going to be more of a picture dump. However, that can be exciting too right? Don’t you want to see pictures of the party hats I made for New Years and the candy sprinkled s’mores I whipped up for the kids?

Not near as tasty as a s’more, but equally easy on the eyes was this peach, champagne and golden beet salad I made. Lookie there another resolution, more veggie meals. I think the shrimp tacos I had on NYE are the only meat product I had all week.

While we are talking about food, let’s mention the awesome gingerbread version of Austin the 4 Seasons Hotel had on display. Le’ whoa.

Everyone writes posts about the best toys to buy for Christmas. I am thinking of writing a post about not only the best, but what also appear to be the duds that are currently collecting dust in a corner. It’s a little early to tell yet, but I’d def say that Magna Tiles are the fave. I set up a whole sensory table with a variety of different magnetic and metal toys. It was a big hit. Santa also brought a small lit tracing pad that is fun to use with the tiles in the dark. Who needs a night light when you have a light table and Magna Tiles?

It was a busy week, but then again when isn’t it. My mom tells me I over-schedule, I tell her I just don’t sit still well. We capped off the weekend with not one, but two bounce house birthdays. Mommy needs a nap.

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