A Crafting Cottage – My Mom’s Dreamy Studio

Since we are getting a new paint job and new flooring back at our house in Austin, Tallulah and I have been spending some time stowed away at my parents house in McKinney, TX. I have posted pictures of their pink Victorian house here, you can see what Christmas decorating looks likes around these parts here and oh ya the backyard was in one of the Benji movies.. A new addition to the home I grew up in is my mothers studio. She already has a sewing and jewelry studio on the 3rd floor of the house, but now she has her own little crafting cottage in the back yard. I have a bit of studio envy I must admit. I took a bunch of pictures to show you so that I would not be jealous alone. My mother keeps her crafting space about as organized as I do so it’s good to know that I come by it honestly. I never trust people with spotless organized crafting spaces anyway, they must spend more time cleaning and labeling than they do crafting. I also snapped some pics of her amazing 3D mosaics that she first carves out of foam before she covers in broken plates.

You can see more pictures of her studio, backyard and art here. In the meantime Tallulah and I are having a lovely time during our visit. I have taught my crafty business seminar in Dallas, we went antique shopping in Oklahoma, crafted so much my hands are literally black, been to a classic car show at ‘Big Tony’s’, caught up with a few old friends and had a good time all around. My mom keeps me pretty dang busy while I’m here.

16 Responses to “A Crafting Cottage – My Mom’s Dreamy Studio”

  1. Penguin Diva

    Okay I am jealous! I had so much Friday night and learned so much from you! I love your mom's craft cottage…its adorable! Makes me want to go home and make something!

    Kristina aka Penguindiva

  2. CraftyHope

    WOW! That cottage is AWESOME!! I want one. . .

    I also am happy to hear that you too think that tidy craft spaces are unrealistic. I'm relieved, I thought I was doing something wrong as mine's always a wreck and the ones I see online are always so beautiful and clean. Mine gets used!!

  3. Cindy Cooksey

    I am soooo jealous of your mom's crafty house! My grandfather made a little playhouse for me when I was a kid, and I still fantasize about having a playhouse now – for arts and crafts. Love your show, by the way, Jen.

  4. ZJudalineZ

    I enjoy looking at your blog and love the crafty house. I just started my blog and there is not much but I hope to learn more from others to improve my blog.

  5. emily

    very jealous, love the outside as much as the inside! And I agree with neat crafters, I never get how they can stay neat!

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  7. Kathy's Red Door Welcome

    Hi there, I'm visiting via your mom's blog. What an amazing craft studio! You and your mom must have so much fun together. My daughter lives right next door to me and I can hardly wait til I can retire and spend silly hours crafting away!


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