A blink of the crafty eye.

Yet another week flew past here in LA like a blink of a crafty eye. When you are working 7am-7pm everyday, 3 guests a day, 5 days a week – my oh my time does fly. Here is the low down on all the rad guests I had last week.

Monday was two episodes with Jose Cirincione. Jose makes some of the most amazing jewelry I have ever laid eyes on. Jose was on the first and third show. For some strange reason I can not remember who the middle guest was that day. I was supposed to be making a DJ station out of wine bottles, but that episode fell through. The guest was from Carlo Rossi who is one of our sponsors for Stitch. They will be showing their jug furniture at the Stitch show on November 11th at Austin Music Hall as well as at the after party November 17th at Gallery Lombardi. But ok this post is about Craft Lab, not Stitch.

Tuesday I filmed another episode with Jose. I am so excited she gave me a copy of her book, Collage Lost and Found, that has all kinds of cool soldering ideas. I also made a hipster parasol with Pad: The Guide to Ultra Living. I use that book like a home decorating bible We made a punch bowl out of buckets and bamboo that lights up. We also showed the crafters how to make cocktail garnishes that flame. A cool crafter today was Sarah Utter who has a line of fun T-shirts that say stuff like “Reading is Sexy” available at Buy Olympia!

Wednesday the day started out with another episode with Matt. This time we made a table out of bamboo that actually has a spot to plant bamboo or as I suggested put chips and dips. Very 60’s and rad looking. Matt also writes for the new Craft Magazine. Check out his project on making an ant farm themed room divider. The middle show was with Randy Townsend. We used candy boxes and polymer clay to make an IPOD cover. It was really cool and he let me take one home with me! The last show of the day was with special effects artists John Neil. We took an old GI Joe doll and made him into a Horror Head.

Thursday the first show of the day was with Jonathan Fong an LA interior designer and florist who made me giggle. We made adorable flower arrangements in the shape of bunnies, spiders and pop art. The middle show was with Stephen Horn a super talented ceramics artist. He and I screen printed onto the clay for some really cool effects. The last show of the day was with Jonathan Fong again and this time we made walls that wow. We decorated walls with wrapped presents and place mats. They came out really cool. Oh and one of today’s crafters was Krissy of Bigger Krissy fame so that was fun!

Thursday night I met up with Vickie, Jose, Kate and Lisa. Vickie was in town filming knit bits with Annette O’Tool from Smallsville. Jose was my director from last seasons episodes of Craft Lab so it was good to see him. Lisa and Kate just wanted to see Vickie and Jose. It was a good visit.

Friday I had two episodes with the very talented Michael Demeng. Michael and I did some cool projects with instant camera film. The middle show was a repeat guest with Addi Somekh. More balloons, but this time we made them into drums. Sounds childlike, but he brought his friend who is a studio musician to play them and they sounded almost better than a real drum kit. A fun crafter I am a fan of today was Nicole from Queen Puff Puff.

Friday night not much of anything happened. I stayed after work and hung out in the parking lot with some co-workers. I came home to an email and a phone call from my mother about how she had been on the DIY posting boards defending my honor. When you are on TV people are going to talk about you, it just comes along with the turf. Defending your babies also comes along with the turf of being a mom.

Saturday I went to the Santa Anita horse racing track. I have never been to horse races before so it was pretty fun stuff. Plus besides my usuals Kate and Lisa Nicole Elliot and Nicole White came out to play. Both worked on Craft Lab last year and even on Stylelicious so it was so good to see them. We made big bets of like $2-$3!

Today I am off to my very first massage. Getting naked in front of strange people does not sound that fun to me, but everyone assures me that I will just love it. I’ll keep you posted.

Oh and as for next week on Craft Lab, as far as what is airing, not what I am here in Los Angeles filming. Watch for…
MONDAY: Laurie Mika and I make a tale top out of polymer clay tiles.
TUESDAY: Cathy Cano Murillo and I celebrate Day of the Dead.
WEDNESDAY: Elizabeth Dunn and I explore the world of Embossing Powders.
THURSDAY: Fellow Texan Michele Charles and I whip up a canvas treasure box.
FRIDAY: Jenny Harada and I make hilariously awesome furry monster masks!

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