A Baby Nursery – Naughty Secretary Club Style!

Today concludes our journey through nurseryville. We started in the 70’s, brought things up to date and now today it is time to unveil Lil Whip’s nursery. I thought it best to show you the sections of the room in before and after format to get the full effect. Needless to say we are not finished and the room is a work in progress, but let’s be real Lil’ Whip will barely be able to see 3 feet in front of his or her little cone shaped bald head when he/she comes home so nothing says it has to be done before March 2nd.

First things first the whole room is based around this amazing fabric I found at Repro Depot which I can not find anymore to save my life. I loved the colors, the cheetahs, the polka dots – I pretty much love everything about it. Currently we just have the fabric incorporated into the room with the curtain, but there is more on the way don’t you worry your pretty little head.

So onward to tour the nursery. What started as our spare bedroom AKA room where I kept all my jewelry, purses, shoes and clothing and became after a massive purging a baby’s room!

Since I am most proud of the amazing curtain my mother Fredda Perkins made for me I will start there. When the room was still my dressing boudoir there were torn up mini blinds that were in the house when we moved in and a kimono hanging as a curtain. As an aside I am having that very kimono made into a baby sling for me by Etsy seller Raspberry Baby as we speak!

The mini blinds were beat to poop so we needed something, in the meantime we opted for foil which gave the room from the outside the nice and cozy appearance of a meth lab. We also removed the carpet from all the back bedrooms and hallways and had faux wood flooring installed. Last Chris painted the peach walls a lovely shade of aqua. Almost the exact color of the exterior of our house.

Paranoid new mom comment of the day: I read to get rid of blinds with cords so we opted for a linen colored cellular shade. We also started moving furniture in at this point. My mother-in-law loaded us up with a few heirlooms like the Cowboy Chris coat rack that I am not a big fan of and the clown balloon light that I actually really like. Both belonged to Chris as a child so I’ll fit them in somewhere.

A couple of weeks ago Chris went to Japan for the week and my mom arrived with the curtains in hand. The woman did not even use a pattern and they were perfect: double lined, scalloped edges, purple trim – I have pretty much decided I want her to make curtains for every room in my house! Is there anything this woman can’t do? I have a touch of the craft envy.

Here fellow preglet Vickie Howell and I are standing in front of mom’s handiwork at the Mommy Meet Up for yet another picture of my favorite curtains in the whole wide world. I never knew I could feel this way about a window treatment!

Next let’s chat about the wall to the left or south of the room, the window faces west.

Luckily with all the room reshuffling Chris and I moved into the master bedroom of our house and I was able to accommodate some of the excess furniture like this 1950’s barber station and book shelf in our new room.

I hear mixed reports on whether dedicated changing tables are a waste of money but for $30 at IKEA how could I say no?

Next just the right art selection was important. I opted for a couple of prints from Berkley Illustrations, The Presidential Facial Hair Hall of Fame by Elloh and you remember the big debate about choosing just the right alphabet print for the wall? Well I finally went with Y & Z Print by Monkey Powered (though I am thinking about switching it out with her ABC Print. I also for some odd reason had this clock sitting on a shelf for ages that worked perfectly. Colorful frames to match.

Here is a nice vantage of the whole wall. I’d also like to point out the amazing toy box that I scored at a thrift store for $18. It is from the 50’s, covered in red sparkly vinyl and in almost perfect condition. It looks like a little mini bench to start, but the seat lifts up and there is a toy box. BUT WAIT THERE IS MORE! The back of the bench comes forward to rest on two hooks on either side of the box you sit on and catches the back so that it becomes a little writing desk. The seat back is hard wood and covered with little doodles from previous owners.

Onward to the crib wall….

This wall faces east in the room and started as nothing more than a space for my shoe racks.

After a serious shoe purge and the purchase of several over the closet door shoe holders the wall was cleared and painted aqua.

Not that the baby will be sleeping in the crib anytime soon, we have something set up in our room for the first few months, I still thought it was a good idea to go ahead and get that bad boy in place. As mentioned we opted for IKEA because after all even though this crib does convert to a toddler bed we decided not to spend several hundred dollars on something that was going to last a couple of years. You can see how naked the little slats look at this point and understand my dilemma about the crib bumpers. Hell I’m sure I will take that little pillow out of the crib before I dare put the baby in. By the way the little pillow is one I made with my grandmother in 1981. I apparently drew a bunch of stuff for my mother and then my grandma embroidered my art onto this pillow. Vickie has a project for it on her blog.

This is one lucky baby because the most expensive piece of art in my entire house which used to reside in my living room is now hanging above the crib. I hope she/he appreciates “Quietly”.

Last but not least the other part of the west wall with the window and the north wall…

Let’s start with the obligatory before picture to give you an idea of our starting point. This bed is now in our spare bedroom and the jewelry has found various new homes around the house.

Yet another before picture when we were having our new flooring installed.

Sweet little Chrissy put all our furniture together as I sat, watched and documented. Here he is putting together our red rocking chair, well it’s more of a bouncing chair actually.

Ta-da the finished back wall and corner complete with red shelves and yellow/green lockers. That’s right kids, lockers. I picked these vintage school lockers up from a flea market for $50 and with a little elbow grease and some paint they are my storage in the room. Mom cut boards for the insides to split up the lockers and there are little baskets inside holding socks, hats, burp clothes, blankies and more. I’d also like to point out that my mom took home the head rest pillow for my chair. She is covering it with the window treatment fabric and is going to reattach the pillow when she is Austin next, I’ll keep you posted on how it turns out.

I decided to move my collection of vintage Dream Pets into Lil Whips room I thought he/she might appreciate them.

The top shelf is adorned with more vintage stuffed goodness, a set of Sesame Street books I picked up at the thrift store, monkey candy daddy Chris brought home from Japan, a Japanese photo album I bought in Peoria, ILL last Christmas and a signed Peter Max print.

Then we come full circle back to my dreamy new curtains that started it all.

I hope Lil Whip likes his/her new room, I sure do.

24 Responses to “A Baby Nursery – Naughty Secretary Club Style!”

  1. BreeAsInTheTown

    Holy Amazing! I’m totally inviting you over to decorate my baby’s room, if and when I have a baby. Your baby is going to be the most crafty, hip, awesome baby ever!

  2. Jennifer Perkins - Naughty Secretary Club

    Tsoniki Crazy Bull – I love the fabric too, that is what started it all. If I moved often I would probably not be that into home decorating. We have been in our house 6 years now with no real signs of moving. My parents have been in their house 30+ years so maybe it is genetic for me or something.

    Hilari – Thanks tons! Now I need to take better pictures and submit to Oh Dee Doh if

  3. Lisa*

    No modern baby room is complete without Chris’s butt crack — I think it will be my new standard baby shower gift!

  4. Jennifer Perkins - Naughty Secretary Club

    Chris I completely agree we should frame a picture of your crack to put on the book shelf.

    Miscellanea thanks for the kind words. I’m not a fan of pastels, never have been. Plus since babies see bright colors and black and white the best I never really understood the whole pastel concept.

    I sent a link to this post to my dad who is not a man of many email words and he wrote

  5. Jennifer Perkins - Naughty Secretary Club

    I was sent a hot tip about where to get more here in town so I’ll fill you in if you want. Also Superbuzzy is ordering more. It comes in tons of different color ways and their new spring 2009 line has a fabric that involves owls and tigers that I could kill for.

  6. Holly Hall - Sweetheartville

    So stinkin’ cute! What a lucky little boy/girl. Love that aqua! I put some vintage dream pets in my little’s room too. I also have some old lockers that I found in my garage and painted a very similar shade of acidic greenish yellow, but they hold craft supplies.

    Awesome job, Ms. Perkins!

  7. Casey

    Love it all! I wish our nursery had been as cool. No, you will not regret that changing table – I loved mine, used it forever. I couldn’t do without the bumper pads, either; their little arms and legs hang through the bars when they turn in their sleep without one, and I just couldn’t take that. Thin ones are fine:)

  8. erin@designcrisis

    Everything looks soooo amazing! I am envious that you’re at the end stage… can’t wait for Li’ Whip to arrive!

    Meanwhile, tell your Moms for me that she can come sew curtains at my house any day.

  9. Pattie Cordova

    I love it! We did our bebe’s room in a rainforest theme and avoided the whole “packaged deal” type stuff at the department stores and we love it… of course, he doesn’t sleep in there and now I wish I could take that room back and claim it for my own. Anyway, I LOVE Lil’ Whips room.

  10. maria

    V. V. cute! I’m a huge fan of those Sesame Street books too, especially the ones with full-color pics of Roosevelt Franklin. He’s my favorite.

  11. Anonymous

    I am sorry but that is the UGLIEST room I HAVE ever seen!!!
    You have the WORST taste, in EVERYTHING!!!
    I also hated your shows, go figure I would hate your babys room, poor kid will wake up with a headache everyday…..


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