7 Ways You Could Be Holding Your Daughter Back

I am part of a panel of mom’s contributing to a series of articles on Learn Vest this summer. I really love today’s article by Alden Wicker called7 Ways You Could be Holding Your Daughter Back. This is a topic that is near and dear to me. I have to bite my tongue when the dentist only offers my daughter a pink toothbrush and does not even pull the blue one out of the drawer as an option. When we are having a dance party and my son wants to join in with the tutu endowed gathering of girls I don’t bat an eye about putting a pageant dress on him. I think all of these subtleties are more important than we realize.

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  1. Unknown

    I couldn't agree more. My daughter is almost 5 and for the last 2 years solid she has walked around with a back pack full of rubber lizards all shapes and sizes. She has akways leaned more towards bugs and snakes and we never really thought much of it that is who she. It wasn't until starting preschool that she started to lean more towards dolls and now i am in barbie hell which i am fine


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