5 Tid-bits and an update on the dog.

1) Dr. Erin M. Smith is best dang veterinarian in Austin. No scratch that, the world.

2) Can you name 2 movies that feature both Michael Caine and Rutger Hauer? I can. Batman Begins and The Wilby Conspiracy, both of which I saw in the last 24 hours for some sad reason.

3) Last night we sat through the Behind the Music on Pantera and it was down right sad. Being from Dallas and a fan it tugged at my heart strings. I have even been to see them in concert a couple of times. The weird thing is they were playing “Walk” at Club Deville Sunday night and Dave Morgan and I got to talking about the band and The Behind the music.

4) On the total flip side of that I think I like the new Nick Lachey song “What’s Left of Me”. It’s kind of good and the video reminds me of the Justin Timberlake “Cry Me a River” (take that Britney) video. Except I felt really sorry for Nick and feel like I will no longer watch Jessica Simpson movies since she broke this poor saps heart like that. Well OK, I never watched her movies or listened to her music anyway, but now I am really never going to. It’s kind of like how I feel mad at Angelina Jolie vicariously for Jennifer Aniston. Ya I’m a dork.

5) Come to Flamingo Cantina tomorrow night to see Arms in Danger. I am.

So the Lucy report you are all waiting for. This evening Lucy stumbled into my studio for some kisses and belly rubs. I sat on the floor in front of her and when we are both sitting on our butts we are eye level. Anyway I see all this green/blue hair peaking out around her neck in her E-Collar. I lift up her 3 or 4 chins that are stuffed in the collar (I never said she was a thin dog) and see that her neck is wet, the fur is blue and the skin underneath is red and irritated. Of course I immediately call the vet and Erin tells me to come on in. I ditched the E-Collar too. Erin shaved her neck (poor dog looks like when a 5 year old gets a pair of scissors and gives themselves a haircut) and gave her a good once over. She also wrapped her leg in a bandage so she could be without the E-Collar, but not get at her stitches. I also had to buy some salve for her irritated and inflamed neck.

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