5 Random Things About My Weekend

I had a dinner party for some friends and all 3 of our babies matched, it was completely unplanned. Remember the post on Baby Clothes Couture? These are the outfits in action.

Chris and I are 2 episodes away from finishing The Wire Season 2. The whole docks thing threw me off at first, but it is all becoming clear to me now.

Karly and I went to the City Wide Garage Sale where I scored 2 new vintage Dream Pets including an Octopus (Thanks J.Pidgeon for the pic) and Snake.

I’m pumped to be doing a review for CSN.com. This place has tons of stuff, you could browse for days. Baby stuff, Futons and tattoo sheets – oh my! Look for free fun goodness from their site soon.

Chris, Tallulah and I all made a pilgramage to Round Rock Donuts 30 minutes outside of Austin for breakfast this morning. It was totally worth the trip.

6 Responses to “5 Random Things About My Weekend”

  1. SillyLittleLady

    Ok, I must say, The Wire is quite possible, the BEST show. My boyfriend introduced me to it and we are on the 5th season now. It's wonderful 🙂

  2. Jennie C

    Ha ha. Sillylittlelady – I think that's a different "Wire".

    Tallulah is SO into that donut. Did Chris cut all his hair off?


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