3 Show Days

Seriously why didn’t anyone tell me sooner that a Flickr account is way better than a photo bucket account? I have had a yahoo account for my photos for years, but was looking for a place to upload all the Craft Lab pictures for everyone to see and to link to for the blog. First I signed up for a Photo Bucket account and it was taking 20 minutes to upload each picture. Flickr (I guess because they are now owned by Yahoo) took like 1.2 seconds to upload. Maybe not that quick, but was quicker than the other.

Today was my second day of filming a 3 show today. We are still getting into our groove and smoothing out a few rough edges, but besides that all is going well. We have been making some really awesome crafts most importantly. Yesterday my guests were Thomas Ashman with whom I made an Altoids Tin into a music box! My friend Susan Beals, AKA Susan Stars of Portland Super Crafty was also on helping me make a customized box. Also, Jessica Acosta showed us all how to make epoxy layered dolls. Today I had the amazing Mitchell sisters Ann and Karen showing me the ropes on working with Polymer Clay. Clearly I have done this before but they are taking this clay to an all new level. We are talking how to make your own glittery sequins and skull adorned belts people. In the middle was the adorable Debbie Chialatas of Soapy Love. Popsicle Soap, need I say more.

Every season when I film Craft Lab it is like Cliff Notes for crafting. A whirlwind of information, faces and names. I learn so much it makes me want to race home to my studio and craft away like a mad woman. You think I would be sick of it, but all the projects inspire me and make me wanna go and try. Ya it sounds cheesy, but I swear it is true.

In other news I found out I am in the Austin American Statesmen today. Whoo-hoo and article on Craft Lab. Don’t forget Monday is the premiere date!

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