Wendy O. Williams

So this will officially make twice now that I have blogged about Wendy O. Williams, W.O.W. Yesterday Chris and I were watching bits and pieces of one of a about a million different shows produced by VH1 about most metal moments. I don’t remember which one this one was, they all blend together. I did however learn some new interesting facts like Jimmy Page lived in Aleister Crowley’s house and that Stephen Tyler once had a 14 year old girlfriend whose parents he convinced to make him legal guardian of. Weird. There was also some stuff about those Norwegian Black Metal kids that always fascinates me and creeps me out. Did you see that documentary? OK back to Wendy. They had the Plasmatics on the show twice for various reasons and that got me to thinking: I wonder if Itunes has ever added “It’s My Life” to it’s catalog? When I had checked before it was not there and I only have the song on vinyl. This time the song was there, which I downloaded promptly along with some Skid Row. ANYWAY then I got to thinking I wonder if the video for this song is on You Tube and low and behold it is and I wanted to share it with you. Wendy makes most other pseudo tough girl rockers look like a powder puff. Female wrestling, fast driving, demolition, the Thelma and Louise ending – what is not to love about this video?

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