11 segments in 8 hours

Craft Lab came to Austin yesterday! It was super fun we filmed 11 segments in 8 hours. Not full on episodes, but quickie little 1-2 minute projects. When Craft Lab premiers on Sept 25th you’ll see that I am usually on set with a guest for the entire show and then there are little field piece segments with our roving reporter Cat Greenleaf. Well this new season that we are shooting Cat and I are splitting the field reporting duties and yesterday was one of my shifts.

My first guest of the day was Mel Sotos a local lass studying to be an architect that adores the hardware store. She and I made 4 different projects together. First up was a bud vase out of a Dryer Duct and a test tube. Next were two different types of candle holders one out of metal plumber’s pipes and the other out of the metal bits you find in the bottom of your kitchen sink drain. That is the one there is a picture of here. They were both really awesome and industrial looking. After that she and I made a wall sconce out of an old sprinkler head. Last of all and maybe most awesome of all were these groovy lamps out of old plastic cups. I thought my candles out of old glasses were cool, but these blew that away.

My second guest of the day was Rachel McGinnis Carney. Rachel and I made a dog house out of an old wooden TV frame. It was so cute and she had it painted up adorably plus it had polymer clay faux knobs. Oddly I have an old TV in my garage right now that I bought to have converted into either an aquarium or I might saw the front off and have it mounted and made into a picture frame. Lucy would not fit inside any TVs so as adorable as the dog house was this one is not an option for me.

Melita Curphy of Miss Monster was my next guest. I have been a fan of Miss Monster since I started eyeballing her adorable glasses and purses at Parts and Labour. She is also going to have a booth at Stitch I am excited to say. I had never met Melita and she was adorable and spunky and we rocked the glass etched Monster glasses. Another added bonus Melita let me take the glasses we made home. Hers were was way better than mine, but hey I have not etched glass since a 6th grade class project. Sadly my monster looked more like a cross between a jack o’ lantern and Ol’ Dirty Bastard from Wu Tang Clan.

The oh so talented Melissa Gable of One Creative Girl was right after lunch with two different projects. She designs the note cards we sell on Naughty Secretary Club, has the most amazingly adorable house and studio ever and is mega talented in the found art department. First up we made little alters out of Altoids tins. She brought all these vintage brooches and cupcake toppers to fill our shrines with and I had one that was a piece of fruit with googly eyes that kept making me sing that Fruit of the Loom commercial “You Can’t Over Love Your Underwear”. Anywhoodle the shrines were aces. After the shrines were art dolls. But super awesome art dolls that incorporated stuff like vintage Barkcloth, blender parts, rabbit bones, old forks, vintage curlers and more.

My friend Jasmine Lindley of Jasmine Made came in right after Melissa with another dog house option. Her adorable pug and Lucy used to play together quite a bit so I could just see Trixie loving these fuzzy monster box dog houses. I won’t say too much but here is a picture to give you an idea about how cute and fun they are. Jasmine let me take my creation home which looked pretty hilarious and immediately Georgie my cat moved in. Well ok there was a little coaxing by Chris and me, but overall I think she likes her monsterliscious casa.

Mark Stowe was up next who is a designer here in Austin that makes gorgeous leather goods. Wallets, belts, cuffs – you name it. Mark not only tools the leather he works with, but occasionally he uses a wood burner to implement some of his designs. So I got to “Burn Leather”, which I thought sounded like an awesome name for a heavy metal band. We made his signature eagle design and I have to say my feathers were not half bad, not as nice as Mark’s, but I did not hang my head in shame of anything.

Last up was Maia Walther of Lollipoop Designs. Cute name, cute girl and cute project. We made journals out of goodies like old library cards (my fave and the one I got to take home with me, HOORAY!), playing cards and paint swatches. She has an awesome gizmo that binds the whole thing for you all you gotta do is make the cover and punch the holes.

It was a long day and I was pooped when it was done, but it was oh so fun. Thanks to all the guests who came out and crafted their tooshies off in the sweltering heat (the AC made noise on camera so we had to go without, pardon our shine). Plus thanks to First Samples. I had not been before yesterday and it was an amazing work space and I really want to look into taking a sewing class there maybe first of next year. I capped my night off by attending a “dance party” at my friend Courtney’s which involved lots of goofy dancing to bands ranging from Journey to Lady Sovereign. After a long day it was just what the doctor ordered.

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